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Projects Co-ordinator

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1 Projects Co-ordinator
Final Year Projects EEE521 Martin Doherty Projects Co-ordinator What you need to know!!

2 Lecture Overview Topics and supervision
The allocation of the Supervisors/Studies Advisors The role of the Supervisor The web site Important Dates Plagiarism

3 Topics and Supervision
The web site contains a list of suggested topics by each supervisor. A topic or topic area may be suggested by a supervisor If you have a topic of your own you need to have it agreed by a supervisor

4 The Allocation EEE521 students pick topics from the web site, or suggest their own topic. Students the projects co-ordinator at least 3 choices from the list on the web site. They can also include their own topics. You should include more than one supervisor. The projects co-ordinator allocates, giving the student with the highest second year average mark first preference. Allocation will be completed by end of week two.

5 The role of supervisor To meet with the student once a week in both semester 1 and 2 To be available to discuss any academic or personal problems

6 Do not send a Project Proposal form!
What you need to do You must submit 3 preferred suggested topics including supervisor’s name or your own topic title with a suggested supervisor and 2 other options by your student to Do not send a Project Proposal form! The should include your name, student no. and course and at least 3 choices (titles in full). Closing date - Friday 26th Sept, 2014, 4pm

7 Project Proposal Form (after the allocation)
An example is on the web page. To be completed by the student. Must be agreed by your supervisor, after he has been appointed, the second marker and you. A hard copy, signed by your supervisor, the second marker and must be submitted to the co-ordinator by 4pm Monday 13th of October A copy should be retained by both the student and supervisor.



10 Important Dates Semester 1
Week 1, submission of choices to Co-ordinator by Friday 26th September. Week 3/4, Submission of agreed Proposal Form to Project Co-ordinator by 12 noon on Monday 13th October Submission of hard copies of Interim Report to the School Office (MS013) by 12 noon on Wednesday 10th December. An electronic copy will be submitted to the TurnItIn System by the same time.

11 Interim Report (35%) Week 12

12 Important Dates, Semester 2
Week 12, Submission of Final report The Final Document submitted will include both the Interim and Final Reports 30th April 2015. This complete document will be submitted to the TurnItIn system only once. It should be pointed out at this stage that the Interim Report and Final Report together should not exceed 20,000 words. Vivas will take place during the week starting 25th of May (after the exam period)

13 Final Report (65%)


15 Warning! Plagiarism

16 TurnItIn TurnItIn will produce an Originality Report for a submitted paper in its original format, including styled text, graphics and photos. The Originality report will compare the contents of your report against millions of online documents and electronic sources. A procedure for your Interim/Final report submission will be establish within the next few week. The Interim report can be submitted as many times as wished. The final document, which will contain both reports, only once.

17 Similarity Report


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