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What is a Wiki? Presentation By Stephen Stone & Kairi Suswell.

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1 What is a Wiki? Presentation By Stephen Stone & Kairi Suswell

2 Collaborative Page Editing  Let multiple people collaborate on the same page.  Your pages can be centralized on the wiki for as many editors as you grant access to.

3 Complete history and audit trail  WikiSpaces keeps a complete audit trail of every change made to your wiki.  You can reverse any change with a couple clicks..

4 Easily invite others to collaborate  Invite 1 or 1,000 users to your WikiSpaces in seconds.  Inviting users is easy with just a few clicks

5 Keep students engaged outside of the classroom  Provides students a means to complete assignments outside the classroom  Provides another means to info due dates for Homework, Projects and Tests to students

6 How to Setup a wiki?

7 Setting up the Account  In your browser, type in  In the “Get Started” blue box on your right, type in your desired username and password  Remember, you will be using this to get in Wiki.  Also, type in your email, so you can confirm your account.

8 Signing into Wiki  Before signing into Wiki, go to your email account and confirm your Wiki account  Now you sign in by clicking on to “Already a member, sign in.”  Then, type your newly-created username and password in appropriate boxes and hit enter.

9 Signed in  When signed in, this page should show up.

10 Working with Wiki  You can create your new wiki by clicking “Create a New Wiki” at top right hand corner of the page  Then following the directions the pops up

11 Find Other Wiki  Search and favorite Wikis by typing in their unique in the search bar  Some Wiki are easily found, but others you must type exactly to find it.  Example: “CardinalDougherty” “StoneCold1209”

12 ITunes U  Itunes U is “Mobile learning”  It gives students more access to material while giving educators another outlet of information to provide to the student  You can link ITunes U video onto your wiki page

13 Help  You can receive help through the help tab at the top of any pages of Wikispaces  Or you can email one of Wikispaces’s helpers and receive help within 24 hours of the email

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