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Learning to Use TeachPoint Installing TeachPoint on the iPAD.

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1 Learning to Use TeachPoint Installing TeachPoint on the iPAD

2 Install TeachPoint on the iPAD To use TeachPoint on an iPAD, you will need to install the TeachPoint app. The TechPoint app will be installed on district iPADs. If you already have an iPAD, please follow the procedure below: 1.Click on the App Store icon. 2.Enter TeachPoint into the Search field. 3.The app is free but you will need to enter your iTUNES account password to start the installation.

3 Using TeachPoint Evaluation System


5 You will receive an invitation by email to use TeachPoint. The email will contain the account information you will need to sign into TeachPoint.

6 Using TeachPoint Evaluation System Clicking on the link in the email will take you to the following screen where you can set your password and click the Save button. Password is case sensitive!

7 Using TeachPoint Evaluation System When returning to TeachPoint after setting your password, go to and in the following screen, click Sign

8 Using TeachPoint Evaluation System The following screen will open for entering the district, your username and password:

9 Using TeachPoint Evaluation System When first beginning to use this evaluation system, there will be no forms. On this screen, you can also click the Options button and select Edit Accounts.

10 Using TeachPoint Evaluation System Use the following screen to check your information, change your password to something you will remember, and then click Save button.

11 Directions to Begin Using the TeachPoint Evaluation Forms

12 Using TeachPoint Evaluation Forms To add a new form, click on the New Form button and the following list of forms will drop down. Teachers will select the Form 1: Self-Assessment.

13 Using TeachPoint Evaluation Forms The following is part of the form that will appear. The form will show your first and last name, the name of your supervisor, school, date, subject, time, grade, and sharing button.

14 Using TeachPoint Evaluation Forms Once you complete some of the items on this form and click the Done button, your main page will show your form as follows:

15 Using TeachPoint Evaluation Forms Any forms established for this specific teacher will be shown. When the Self-Assessment Form is completed, it can be signed and shared with your evaluator. When the Goal Setting Form is completed, it can also be shared with your evaluator. At this point, continue the evaluation process with the evaluator and complete the Educator Plan Form collaboratively.

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