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Professional Development Feb 7, 2012 – Facilitator – Brad Reed.

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1 Professional Development Feb 7, 2012 – Facilitator – Brad Reed

2 Edmodo © Workshop 1 Welcome and Introductions Intro to Edmodo © Outline for Workshop 1

3 Outline for Edmodo © Workshop1 Creating a Teacher Account Editing Your Profile Creating a Group Locking a Group

4 Creating Teacher Account Creating an account on Edmodo -- 1) Log on to and select the “I’m a Teacher” button to create your account. 2) Fill out the registration form and select the “sign up” button to complete the sign up process. 3) You will then receive a confirmation email, along with next steps for setting up your Edmodo © account.

5 EDIT YOUR PROFILE After creating your page you can customize it by clicking on ACCOUNT in the upper right corner and then SETTINGS from the drop down menu.

6 On this page you can: 1)Upload your Photo or use a preset 2) Set your different Alert Types 3) Change your Password or Profile info 4) Change Privacy Settings

7 Create a Group Groups make it easy for students to communicate and collaborate with one another. To create a group, select the “create” link in the left panel of your Edmodo © homepage. A pop up window will appear where you can name your group and provide the details of your group (grade and subject area). Once your details are complete, click the “create” button and Edmodo © will display a 6-digit group code. This is the invitation code you will need to provide your students with to enable them to join your group. Your group will now appear in the left-hand navigation bar of your home page.

8 Create a Group (cont’d.) Before a student can create an Edmodo © account, they will need the 6-digit group code from you. Once they have the group code, they can easily create their account by visiting and selecting “I’m a Student”. The first field of the sign up form will ask for the group code. The student will then need to create a unique username and password, and provide their name. An email address is not required for student sign up. Once the fields are complete, have the students select “sign up” to complete the sign up process.

9 Lock a Group Once your students are signed in, select the drop down arrow to the right of the group code to reset or lock the code. The reset option will generate a new 6-digit group code. The lock option will lock the group, so that no other members can join.

10 Wrap up – Edmodo © Workshop 1 Thank you for attending Workshop 1. Please experiment with your page and your groups before the next workshop Please also access the Formative Evaluation on my Edmodo © page and reflect on any questions you may have. You may post them to the site or email them to me directly –

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