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101 Complete Moodle Tutorial. Logging In Navigate to Your login name will.

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1 101 Complete Moodle Tutorial

2 Logging In Navigate to Your login name will be your FULL email address You should have received an email telling how to set a password If you have forgotten your password or did not receive the email, follow the link below the login For all else place a work order for a new password

3 In Site Navigation Navigation within Moodle can easily be done through the links and dropdown menus at the top of the screen These menus will change depending on the screen you are currently in If preferred a navigation pane is also available on the left side of the screen From anywhere in the site you will be able to jump back to the homepage by clicking the button

4 Accessing Your Course Once logged in, your course can be accessed directly from the homepage You can also access your courses from the top menu bar by going to:  ‘My courses’  (course name)

5 Course Creation At the top, go to: ‘Site administration’  ‘Courses’  ‘Add/edit courses’

6 Course Creation (cont’d) Under ‘Course categories’ click the appropriate grade level under your school to enter the course editor menu

7 Course Creation (cont’d) Click on the ‘Add a new course’ button to enter the course creation menu

8 Additional information for each entry can be seen by clicking on the blue circle beside the field in question Click ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the screen to complete the course creation Course Creation (cont’d) Enter your course information on this screen All items in red must be filled out You will need to change the ‘Course full name’, ‘Course short name’, ‘Format’, ‘Number of weeks/topics’, and ‘Course start date’ at the minimum You can also further fine tune your course in the other fields

9 Course Creation (cont’d) Only certain users have the ability to create a new course within Moodle Email technology for a list of those in your school with this ability if you need a new course

10 Enrolling a User To enroll a user into your course first navigate to the course in question At the top go to ‘Course administration’  ‘Users’  ‘Enrolled users’

11 Enrolling a User (cont’d) Click ‘Enrol users’ 1 and search for the user by name or email at the bottom of the box that pops up 2 Click on the ‘Enrol’ button beside the users name to finish enrolling 3 When done enrolling all new users click ‘Finish enrolling users’ 4 at the bottom 1 2 3 4

12 Create New User BEFORE creating a new user PLEASE go through the enrollment process to make sure the user is not already in the database This tutorial is for the creation of a student user, contact the technology department for all others If you are not sure of the registration status of the user, email the technology department to confirm before proceeding At the top of the page go to: ‘Site administration’  ‘Users’  ‘Accounts’  ‘Add a new user’

13 Create New User (cont’d) Fill in the information for the new user All items in red must be completed Additional information for each field can bee seen by clicking the blue circle beside the desired field Leave ‘Choose an authentication method’ as ‘Manual accounts’ DO NOT force a password change; you will want to control a list of usernames and passwords for those that forget, especially any younger grades

14 Create New User (cont’d) It is best when adding students for the teachers to have a username and password system that is easily remembered but not guessed for security reasons If you are creating a large number of new users please contact the technology department for assistance Currently the county does not supply student email addresses; it is up to the teachers discretion on how to handle this situation, especially with younger grades which may require the use of a parental/guardian email After completing all required fields, click ‘Update profile’ at the bottom of the page to finish new user registration

15 Editing Course Content Navigate to the course you want to edit At the top of the screen got to: ‘Course administration’  ‘Turn editing on’ You can now add new resources 1, activities 2, and blocks 3 for students or edit an existing one by clicking the green button 4 beside its name Remember to turn editing back off when complete For more information on course content see ‘Activities, Resources, and Blocks’ 12 3 4

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