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EDW647: Internet for Educators Dr. Roger Webster Department of Computer Science Millersville University July 23, 2008 Create.

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1 EDW647: Internet for Educators Dr. Roger Webster Department of Computer Science Millersville University July 23, 2008 Create your own Facebook account

2 Create your own Facebook account!

3 Open a web browser. In the web address bar, type: Then hit the [Enter] key.


5 Signing up for Facebook In the bottom right hand corner of the page, there is a shaded box titled [Sign up for Facebook]. Fill out the information asked for and create a password for your account. When the info is filled out, click on the green button [Sign Up].

6 Sign Up.

7 After you click [sign up] Facebook will ask you to verify a word. Just type in the letters that appear on the screen and then hit the [enter] key. Facebook will then ask you to verify your email address before you continue with the process of creating your facebook account. This will require you to log in to your email account and follow the link in the email that they send to you.

8 After this page appears, open a new browser window and log in to your email account.

9 When you check your email account, a new message should appear in your inbox. The following slide is a picture of the email Facebook will send to you. The picture is a gmail account and the arrow points to the link. If you have gmail, just click the link and a new window will appear automatically. Otherwise follow your email client’s regular instructions for opening a hyperlink in an email.

10 Click the link.

11 The link should bring up a new window with a welcome page. On the screen will be the option to [Find friends using your email address book]. By typing in your email username and password Facebook can search to find any of your contacts’ profiles. Click [Find Friends] when you have filled in the info.

12 Facebook’s welcome page.

13 After clicking [Find Friends], the web page will either display any friends that may already have profiles, or it will display no friends. Go ahead and check the box by clicking on it next to any Friends that appear and who you wish to add. After checking the box, click [Add as Friends]. If you do not wish to add any friends, then click [Skip]. You can always Find and Add Friends later.

14 Add as Friends Skip Click to Check Box

15 If no friends appear, we can search for other friends later. Click [Skip] for now.

16 Fill out your Facebook profile The web page will then take you to the next step, which is creating your personal profile. This section asks you to fill out information about yourself to put on a page that others can see. If you do not wish to share information, just skip the question. You can go back and edit your profile later. And after today, you can edit your profile any time.


18 By finding other people who have the same location or schools that you typed, Facebook will generate a list of people you may know. Feel free to browse the other Facebook users and add them as friends if you know them. Otherwise, click [Skip].



21 Join a network The next prompt asks you to Join a Network. In other words: where do you live or where do you spend the most time? Many students and faculty select their school’s network. Other users may join a city or region. It’s up to you.


23 After joining a network, you have completed Facebook’s basic steps. To view how your profile currently looks, click the tab at the top of the web page titled [Profile].


25 Viewing your profile allows you to see what other information you can put on your page. You have the option to add a Profile picture of yourself. You can also fill out your favorite movies and music. You can either click right on the part of your profile you wish to change or add to OR you can click the [Edit] tab immediately beside the [Profile] tab at the top of the screen.


27 Check out the different links on your profile in order to help spruce it up! But! Facebook really isn’t about the information on your profile. It’s about networking and connecting people. Facebook allows you to connect with others by adding other Facebook users as your virtual friends. When you first logged in to FB, you were prompted to find friends through your email addresses. Now we can search FB for friends by other means.

28 To find a friend, click the arrow next to the tab [Friends] at the top of the page. A drop down menu will appear. Locate and click on the option [Find Friends].


30 A page will appear that again gives you the option to search your email contacts. If you scroll down the page, the second option is again a generated list of people you may know. The third option is to type in the person’s name that you wish friend and click [Search]. In order to see how this option works, try searching for Dr. Webster’s wife: Holly Freas-Webster. If you wish, click [Add as Friend].

31 Type: Holly Freas-Webster


33 You will be asked if you really want to add Holly as a friend. You are also given at this time to add a personal message along with a request for Friend confirmation to Holly. Holly must confirm that she knows you before it will appear that you are friends.



36 Verify the lettters/numbers before adding as friend.

37 After adding as your friend, you will be brought back to your list of search results. Other than ‘Friending’ someone, you can also just [Send a Message] to any person in your search results. For instance, instead of friending a person from class asking them for notes, you can just send them a message. From this page you can go back to your profile or edit your profile. Click on any tabs


39 People on facebook who know you may also search for you. Facebook will alert you to the Friend request and send you an email letting you know. When you log on to FB the next time, you will either need to confirm or deny the Friend request by going to your home page. You can see you home page by click the link in the top left hand portion of your screen titled [Home].


41 You home page has various features. The names of the features are written in white on blue headings. The feature that alerts you to any new notifications such as friend confirmations or requests is located in the top left hand portion. Any updates that your friends have posted or added to their profiles will also appear in the middle section called your [New Feed]. This helps you keep up with your FB friends easily and quickly.


43 Privacy In the top left hand part of the page, there is a tab titles [Privacy]. By clicking on it, you can see and change your privacy settings. This function allows you to control who can view your profile and who can see you when they do a general search. You can also choose to only allow a few items on your profile to be seen. Check out the different options you have and choose the best for you.


45 Now you know the basics about having a Facebook account. Use this website to connect and keep up with friends, family, co-workers quickly and without a lot of effort! Don’t forget to sign out when you are finished by clicking the [logout] tab in the top left part of the page.

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