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A site dedicated to the adventures and journeys of others.

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1 A site dedicated to the adventures and journeys of others.

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3  About myTripBook  How to Join  How to Record a Destination  How to Make a Diary/Journal  How to Book a Hotel or Hostel

4 myTripBook is a site that was created for people with a desire for traveling and sharing their expeditions with the world. Each person that has an account with myTripBook highlights the places they have traveled on a map that is on their page. Users can choose to create diaries, add pictures, create videos, comment on other users, and so on. This Website also allows you to book trips, obtain hotels or hostels and browse for trips in the future. myTripBook is not JUST for trips you have previously gone on, but also trips you dream about going on. You set a future date, pick a country, and write about how you want to go there or when you are going there.

5  Joining myTripBook is an easy process that involves a love of traveling and an email address. ◦ First: Go to and click sign up to join! ◦ Second: Enter your information; email, username, password and click sign me up! ◦ Third: You will be sent an email to confirm that you have signed up, click the link mytripbook sent, and start recording your journeys! ◦ When you first join it will ask you to fill out about yourself and where you live so people can view information about you and where you live.

6  To show people where you have, or would like to travel, go to your profile page. ◦ First: Select “Click here to Edit Your World Travel Map” underneath the world map ◦ Second: When you are there a list of locations pop up. You can pick locations you have visited, or the ones you want to visit and click update location.  Now on your map it should have the shaded in location!  Red means your home  Green means where you have visited  Blue means where you would like to visit.

7  Click on the My Trips tab and click edit diaries. ◦ A map, date, and an empty textbox will appear for you to add your trip, when you will or did go, and gives you the ability to write about it! Diary Travel Map Date of travel

8  Click on the green tab at the top of the page that says BROWSE HOTELS or BROWSE HOSTELS ◦ Then add the date and the country you will be visiting. Next: Pictures will Show up next to your search box and pick where you would like to stay. They give statistics on how awesome that hotel is for your comfort.

9  Click the link below to begin:

10  up up  /hotels /hotels  se/trips se/trips

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