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Association Technology Trends George Land. United Kingdom Australia New Zealand USA & Canada.

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1 Association Technology Trends George Land

2 United Kingdom Australia New Zealand USA & Canada

3 Spotting Trends Can’t Predict the Future But you can spot trends...


5 USA Technical Innovator, but ➡ 78.1% Internet Usage ➡ 83.6% United Kingdom ➡ 88.8% Australia (Source

6 USA Facebook Penetration ➡ 52.9% Internet Usage ➡ 52.3% United Kingdom ➡ 53.1% Australia (Source

7 Australia Australia is a leader - not a follower

8 Trends Harnessing Social Networks Private Social Networks Online Services Mobile

9 Is Membership Dead? Generational Change Baby Boomers - over 50s Generation X - 30 to 50 Generation Y - under 30 How different are these groups?

10 Facebook Almost 50% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up – 28% before even getting out of bed

11 Social Networking Success ACCA - LinkedIn ➡ 13,863 members ➡ 100+ Discussions ➡ 154,000 members

12 Social Networking Success Unite - Twitter ➡ 16,428 followers ➡ 5,578 tweets ➡ 1,500,000 members

13 Social Networking Source:

14 Social Networks Communication Tools Open to anyone Good for information Poor for service delivery

15 Closed Networks Your own Social Network Open to Members only Why? How?

16 Data Security Data Privacy Anti-Spam, Privacy Directive, CAN-SPAM Privacy Act, Data Protection Directive,??

17 Services

18 Online Growth

19 Market Segments Music/Film eBooks Insurance Travel Services...

20 Focus Who is your website for? ➡ Everyone Who should your website(s) be for? ➡ Members ➡ People who may become members ➡ Everyone else?

21 Websites One Site? Microsites ➡ National, State, Branch/Club ➡ Special Interest Groups ➡ Get involved/join ➡ Campaigns

22 Big Data Who you are Where you are Events attended Items bought Pages visited Comments made

23 Members Personalised Content Personalised Services ➡ Regional, Interests, Committee ➡ Financial Status, Events, Training ➡ Receipts, Correspondence, Information ➡ Requests for help, news



26 Mobile

27 The number of smartphone searchers doubles every two months Mothers day 2012 – 50% of all online sales came from mobile devices Tablet sales growing 378% year on year Smartphone sales overtook PC sales last year (two years earlier than expected)

28 Mobile We know who they are! Membership Card News Update details Make bookings Access information

29 Mobile Website? Mobile Website? App?

30 Thank You George Land

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