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Who am I… My name is Example Student. I am currently a grade 11 student who is attending Example Secondary School. My family is one of the most important.

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1 Who am I… My name is Example Student. I am currently a grade 11 student who is attending Example Secondary School. My family is one of the most important thing in my life and they have always been there for me. I am a very active student who loves playing sports and getting involved with activities. Throughout this presentation you will learn all about me and how I plan to succeed in life.

2 Personal Traits I believe that I have many positive personal traits, one of them being that I am a very thoughtful person. I love making people smile, and I am always thinking about how I can do things to make a difference in peoples lives. I went to Colima Mexico recently and realized how little it takes to make a difference. Even when I do the little gestures, like helping someone with his or her groceries, or saying “Hi,” to someone that usually doesn’t get that a lot, I love making those people smile and feel good. I am also a very cheerful person. You will rarely see me not smiling and I love making people laugh. I believe you need to make the most out of life. So why would I waste my time being unhappy? I enjoy being happy! Lastly I think that I am a good leader. This shows when I am involved in a project or in sports, even at school functions. I know when to step back and let others lead, but I also know when to step in.

3 My Passion My passion in life would have to be basketball. I love basketball! It’s amazing how good the sport can make me feel. I have been bouncing basketballs and shooting since I could walk. It has always been one of my favorite things to do. The first time I realized how passionate I was for the sport was when I cried when I missed the game winning shot at provincials. The feeling I had was terrible, but then I realized how important it was, and knew that I would have good and bad games, but I will get through them. Basketball has taught me many lessons that I can apply in life. It has taught me that as long as you try your best, the outcome doesn’t matter. I also learned that setbacks are only negative if you make them negative. I think that it is an amazing sport and I will continue to play basketball as long as my body will allow me to.

4 Hobbies and Interests…
Sports have always been a big part in my life and probably one of the things that interests me most. I have played many sports since I was young. Some of the sports I have been involved in are basketball, field hockey, soccer, track and field and cross-country. I really enjoy playing sports because I am a very competitive person and I love staying fit. Another interest I have is singing. I was in our school Jazz choir and I am apart of my church worship team. I think singing is a lot of fun. I sing in the shower, when I am driving and sometimes I just sing to have fun. One of my hobbies would be playing my trumpet. I have been playing for five years now, and I have definitely improved. I love playing my music when I am upset or stressed, because when I play I only think of what I am playing and nothing else. It is a good outlet for emotions and it is great the music our Jazz band can play. These are just a few of my interests, but they are the ones that have the biggest effect on my life.

5 Strengths I believe that I have many strengths that will help me become successful in life. I work very well in a group environment and as an individual. In a group I can take control and be a good leader, but I also know when to let others do the leading. As an individual I would have to say that I am a perfectionist. I always strive to do my best and people can count on me. I also believe that I am a determined individual. This shows a lot when I am playing basketball or when I am completing an assignment. Once I get going there is no stopping me! Finally I think that I am a hard worker. In Rec-Leadership my teachers know that they can give me numerous jobs and I will complete them on time with a one hundred percent effort.

6 Plan A After I graduate I would like to become a High School P.E., Socials, and Rec. Leadership teacher. I think that it would be a very beneficial job for me because I would love to have a family and I love the school environment. By working as a teacher I would be able to make a steady income, while also maintaining a healthy family upbringing. While I am working as a teacher I would also like to be a coach. I will need to go to University and I will get my Bachelor of Arts. I will then get my teaching degree, and if my lifestyle permits it, my masters. I believe I would make a very good teacher. I work very well with others and I think I will understand my students well. I have taken courses such as Rec. Leadership and Socials courses, to contribute to this job.

7 Plan B If I do not become a teacher I would like to get my degree in business and open my own sporting goods store. I would need to get my degree in business. Then I would take some business management and accounting courses. By opening my own business I would be my own boss. I understand that time that would involve to get the business started, but I think it would be worth it. I would have to have Math 12, English 12, and Calculus to do this, all of which are in my timetable next year. I think I would run a business very well. I have great organization skills and am quite knowledgeable when it comes to sports. It will take time to get it going, but I have the patience to do it.

8 30 hours of work/ volunteer hours
I have completed my 30 hours of work/volunteer experience by doing multiple things. I have always volunteered as a Triple Threat Basketball coach at numerous camps. That involves 7 hours a day for five days in the summer. We teach the kids both basic and intermediate skills they can use in a basketball game or to make themselves better. I also went down to Colima Mexico for ten days over spring break with a group from my church to work at an orphanage. This also contributed to my 30 hours. Finally I volunteer for my church’s Sunday school and nursery. For Sunday school we explain bible stories to them and usually there is a craft that is involved. In the nursery it is just looking after babies and toddlers during the church service. I also plan to volunteer at the Peachland cancer run and again at this years basketball camp.

9 Physical Activity? I will have absolutely no problem obtaining my 80 hours of physical activity. Since I had my knee injury I have been going to physio twice a week. That involves cycling, strengthening exercises, and stretches. I will also be on the Sr. Girls basketball team next year. That will involve four practices a week and games. Not to mention the tournaments we will be attending throughout the season. The other team I will be participating on next year will be the school soccer team. That will also involve regular practices and games. I am a very active person and enjoy staying fit. So I believe there will be no challenge for me when it comes to achieving my 80 hours of physical activity.

10 Accomplishments One of the things that I am most proud of accomplishing this year would have to be going to Mexico on my missions trip. It was quite something to experience. I had the most amazing time there. I volunteered my spring break to go help others that have way less then me, and it was great! I am also very proud about making the Provincial Basketball team in previous years. My knee injury didn’t allow me to try out this year, but that is a barrier I have overcome. I know that getting surgery will really benefit me in the long run. “Short term pain, long term gain.” that’s my motto.

11 Staying Fit I have multiple ways of planning to stay fit. I need to strengthen my knee for basketball, and by doing this it is requiring me to stay fit. I also need to have endurance for basketball, so as soon as I am able to run I definitely will. However until then I will be cycling. I need to be in top shape for basketball and soccer. This means I will be working out in the summer so I will be strong for both seasons. Some of us girls have already started to plan a summer workout schedule. In the future I plan to play university basketball. This will require me to stay in shape throughout my basketball career. I enjoy working out and staying in shape. That is why I think that I will be able to stay in shape and healthy in school and after school.

12 Eating Healthy I believe that I eat quite healthy. Sure there are those days when I binge on ice cream or cookies, but I know what is good and bad for me. I have had many nutritionists talk to teams before and from what I have heard I eat very healthy. I really like most vegetables, and I LOVE fruit. My parents have been starting to eat healthier, which has caused everyone in my household to alter their diet somewhat. As an athlete I am aware of what foods have positive effects and which ones have negative effects. It is my own responsibility to eat healthy, and I believe I do a good job.

13 Managing Stress and Relationships
I think that I manage stress very well. I know how to organize, so I usually do not have much stress. However when I do get stressed out I usually keep it under control. I first figure out if it is worth stressing about. Most of the time it isn't. I will then figure out how to fix it. Whether it is just taking a few deep breathes or making an “action plan”. When it comes to relationships I believe I have very healthy ones with friends and family. I have grown up with a very good family environment. My friends and I also have good relationships. I will continue to manage my stress the way I have all this time. As for relationships, I know what is healthy and what isn’t. So I plan to keep my relationships as healthy as possible.

14 Budget Plan I know that post secondary education is very expensive, so I have made a rough outline of my budget plan. I will apply for bursaries and hopefully get some money there. I also plan to get a scholarship for basketball. I will most likely have to take out some type of student loan, but my parents and grandparents both have money put away to pay for some of my schooling. Finally I will be working during summers, and if my schooling permits it, I will work throughout the year. I plan to only spend my money on my needs, instead of y wants, but there is no promising that I will do that all the time.

15 I hope you enjoyed my Graduation Transition Presentation!

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