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Jack Boncales. Preface  Jack Boncales  Born March 23, 1990  I have lived in Ridgefield Park, NJ in Bergen County since I was one.  Only child  Went.

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Presentation on theme: "Jack Boncales. Preface  Jack Boncales  Born March 23, 1990  I have lived in Ridgefield Park, NJ in Bergen County since I was one.  Only child  Went."— Presentation transcript:

1 Jack Boncales

2 Preface  Jack Boncales  Born March 23, 1990  I have lived in Ridgefield Park, NJ in Bergen County since I was one.  Only child  Went to catholic school for nine year before going to Ridgefield Park High School.  I have been playing soccer year round since I was five up until college, but still play for Rowan Club Soccer

3 Preface (cont.)  Health and Exercise Science and Secondary Education Major, but looking to switch to K- 12


5 1. Family Position: Goalkeeper- because when all else fails, family is the last things there to save you. Theories: Observational Mislearnings: That parents are always right Goals: To stay close with all my family members and give them something to be proud of with my future accomplisments.

6 2. Friends  Position: Attacking Midfielder- because they can help dictate whether or not things are good or bad.  Theories: Modeling  Mislearnings: That just because your friends do something, doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to do the same.  Goals: Keeping close friends close and having a good time whenever I’m with them.

7 3. Experience  Position: Defensive Midfield- because experience may not be something you always enjoy, but in the end, it’s one of the most important things you have.  Theories: Episodic memory  Mislearnings: you can experience something once, but it doesn’t guarantee that the next experience will be better. It’s all about trial and error.  Goals: experience enough things in my life so that nothing will surprise me or catch me off guard and gaining from my experiences.

8 4. Athletics  Position: Striker- because sports add more excitement to life.  Theories: Intrinsic motivation  Mislearnings: winning is everything  Goals: to continue to be involved in soccer even as I get older, whether it is coaching or playing in some sort of league for adults. Also, to keep enjoying it as much as I always have.

9 5. School  Position: Central Defender- because it is something that I would like to depend on to get me to where I want to go and what I want to do with my life.  Theories: Peer tutoring  Mislearnings: That every subject, no matter what, will matter in the end. I don’t believe that all subjects or classes should be mandatory  Goals: to graduate and go for a masters degree in sports management so that I can become an athletic director someday

10 6. Employment  Position: Central Defender- again, something else I can fall back on when I’m older. Hard work will pay off eventually with a good salary  Theories: Assimilation  Mislearnings: That individuals in higher positions know more about the job than you, which isn’t always true  Goals: become an athletic director and have a good salary so I can support a family.

11 7. Relationships  Position: Right Midfield- because relationships can be fast and exciting, but shouldn’t control the tempo of life as much as other things should.  Theories: Micro-systems  Mislearnings: that when you are with someone, you need to spend as much time with them as possible.  Goals: To eventually end up with someone that I am thoroughly happy with.

12 8. Stress  Position: Left defender- because stress is never easy, always having to deal with the mor difficult things thrown at me.  Theories: interference  Mislearnings: stress doesn’t have to bother some people as much as it does.  Goals: to try to manage my time and deadlines so that I am not as stressed as I have been in the past

13 9. Religion  Position: Right Defense- because religion is something that can slow things down and put things into perspective when things get tough. Depending on how serious you take religion, it can be one of the most reliable things you have.  Theories: Macro-systems  Mislearnings: that religion is the answer to everything.  Goals: to become more involved with my church again like I used to be.

14 10. Travel  Position: Striker- because traveling is another thing that can add a lot of excitement to the mix, at least for me anyway.  Theories: Declarative memory  Mislearnings: that people from different parts of the world are so much different than Americans when, in many instances, they’re really not so different.  Goals: to see all of the places in the world I would like to see, such as England, Germany, Ireland, Greece, and Australia, just to name a few.

15 11. Music  Position: Left Midfield- because music allows for a lot of creativity.  Theories: Mastery learning  Mislearning: many people think that, just because they don’t like a certain genre or style of music, then it is automatically “terrible” music.  Goals: to continue teaching myself how to play guitar and eventually learn how to play piano

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