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What is a Successful Coach You must be a winner?.

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1 What is a Successful Coach You must be a winner?

2 Can all coaches be winners? Yes, with knowledge So, what is a winner when it comes to coaching A person who understands the sport A person who has a fire for perfection A person who prepares for the season A person who can motivate his or her self A person who can lead others to victory A person who accepts responsibility A person who never gives up

3 The Eight Aspects to Successful Coaching Teacher System Team Athlete Motivation Overcoming Roadblocks Self Motivation Love your kids Love your family

4 1.Being a Successful Teacher Can you teach what you do not know?????? Where can one find the knowledge? Books Coaches Clinics

5 2.Develop a System for Success It is said that there are many roads to Rome Rockford and Their System Paavo System Lydiard and Traverse City Jack Daniels and National Champions

6 Believe in the system and then go to work Workout Planning - Number one for Runner Success Do not plan day to day Plan daily- weekly-season at the beginning Log those times everyday Chart Progress Progress Progress You cannot know where you are going if you do not know where you have been PLAN PLAN

7 3.Team Team Team Track and Cross Country are Team Sports!!!!!! It is what makes it fun You pick your captains Team Awards- newspapers-banners- announcements If you coach long enough: You will have a great runner You will have a great team But if you do not stress the team concept you will never achieve the status of having a great program and being a GREAT COACH

8 4. MOTIVATION of ATHLETES Where does motivation come from? Internal Motivation Rare for athlete External Motivation Parents Religion Coach

9 The Coach is the Key Motivator Do you have the Knowledge to get the job done? Do you have the ability to lead to get the job done? Do you have the commitment to get the job done? Do you have the desire to get the job done?

10 Race Day Motivation Go over the competition Have a plan – go over events Pack running or Fast and hold on Slow and pass or Even pace Mental Prep for field events, starts, hurdles Stories of the past (jean story) Be Prepared to change the plan Whatever you do

11 DO NOT CONVINCE THEM OF THE IMPOSSIBLE Do not lose their trust Once lost, they may never believe you again

12 THEY WILL DO WHAT YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO PYGMALION - IS THERE REALLY A LIMIT? Four Factors Climate – what is the environmental situation Input – correct physical and mental training Output – their performance Feedback – go over the performance Challenge yourself to do these things- Make sure you do these things to get the results that you want

13 Final Thought On Motivation Everyone is a house of four rooms, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, unless we go into each room everyday, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person It is our job as coaches to touch every room every day for every kid

14 5.Handle the Roadblocks Student excuses It is hard to coach without devoted kids (1/2 sheet) Now op top of that we have other roadblocks from our school system (1/2 sheet)

15 6. Self Motivation No one can stay motivated without Knowledge - System – Family - Belief in oneself What are our limits????? Our school just does not support me- WHY????? We just do not have enough athletes - WHY????? These kids do not work hard enough - WHY????? If I just had some talent - WHY DON’T YOU?????? WE NEED TO LOOK AT OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR TEAM BY CHANGING YOURSELF Be Positive When someone tells you it cannot be done, remind yourself how many times they have been wrong. Be Happy Enjoy the athletes you have, do not worry about those who are not there Success is knowing what you are doing, loving what you are doing, and believing what you are doing Be Prepared Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge

17 Work Harder We must give more in order to get more. It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest. Ask yourself


19 The difference between a successful person and others is not their lack of strength, maybe not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

20 The Man on Top of the Mountain did not Fall There!!!

21 Accept the Results - You manufactured them!!!!!!!

22 Only you can hold yourself back, only you can stand in the way. Only you can help yourself

23 7. Love Your Kids They are: Kids Students Humans - not perfect Athletes Uniform Shape Team Conference State Competitive at all levels Love them - and they will die for you Use them for your record and they will not help your team

24 Ask Yourself Who are you here for?????

25 8.Family Your won lost record is not important Spending too much time trying to win Spending more time with your team than your family WAKE- UP Or when you do there will be no one to share your success with and then and only then will you realize what success really is!

26 Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other, exceeds your need for each other Dalai Lama Everyone is a house of four rooms, the physical, emotional, spiritual and the mental, unless we go into each everyday, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person

27 Make sure you touch all four for you everyday and life will be good to you. For all the success in the world is worth nothing without someone to share it with!

28 Remember This Every snot nosed, arrogant, jerk kid you will have on your team is someone’s special love, It might be a parent, grand-parent, brother, sister, neighbor But he or she is someone’s special love - And if not

29 They will need you more than ever! Go out and earn the title COACH it is within your grasp

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