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Childminder Networks 19 th November 2013 Early Years and Childcare Services and Trio Childcare Connections.

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1 Childminder Networks 19 th November 2013 Early Years and Childcare Services and Trio Childcare Connections

2 Childminder Meeting Nicola Perrett Helen David Dawn Brown Apologies Denise Stewart

3 Where we were - 2008 Childcare Sufficiency Assessment – Report on the state of the childcare market in Swindon – Consultation with childminders Told us work is spread too thinly – Consultation with parents Told us they can’t find childcare – Mismatch between supply and demand

4 What we did - 2008 Discontinued the childminder start up grant Trio Childcare Connections / Swindon Sure Start Partnership devised two new networks Opportunity network, accredited childminders and GEMS became network level 3 specialists

5 Networks introduced - 2008 Aim of networks: To work towards a better ‘match’ between supply and demand of childcare To provide a framework and incentives for improvement Progression Stage1, Stage 2, Specialist

6 Where we are now – 2013 Change Drivers - Direct Statutory guidance for Early Education and Childcare 2013 – Ofsted is the sole arbiter of quality – Local network requirements are now acting as a barrier to Early Education entitlement eg delivery of atypical services having a level 3 qualification

7 Where we are now – 2013 Change Drivers - Indirect National – ‘Anything less than good is not good enough’ – Impact of childminder agencies an unknown Local – Developments in the local childcare market since 2008 – Local employment prospects and the economy – Developments at SBC (One Swindon)

8 Trio Quality Network achievements Successful Childminding Network with 200 network members with 30% of these Childminders going on to become specialists Childminders that have engaged with Trio Quality improvement network have received better grades with Ofsted compared to those not engaging: Network CM’s good or outstanding – 75% Non network CM’s good or outstanding 34%

9 The future Ofsted are the sole arbiters of quality Ofsted continue to drive up standards within Early Years inspections, all providers will be subject to a stricter inspection under Ofsted's revised framework Childminders should continue to be reflective and identify areas for improvement and recognise they own good practice

10 How can Trio support Childminders Research has shown that no quality measure should be used in isolation to judge a practitioners ability to provide excellent care to the children they are working with Trio will continue to offer the opportunity for all Swindon Childminders to continue to engage with a Quality Assurance Framework. The Family Childcare Environment Rating Scales (FCCERS)

11 So what is The Family Childcare Environment Rating Scales ? Internationally recognised and used by over 60 local authorities Rating scales to suit all settings Evidenced based tool for improving the quality of early years provision.. Provides a measurable profile of a settings quality Rates the environment as experienced by the children Recognised by Ofsted and aligns closely with the EYFS

12 The value of using The Family Childcare Environment Rating Scales Supporting Childminders to improve their Ofsted grading Provides evidence of good practice identifying strengths and areas for improvement Enables you to set simple targets for improvement Excellent evidence for self reflection – transferrable to Ofsted SEF Identify training needs for you and your assistants Children’s outcomes are at the heart of the scales Reliable systematic structure that allows measurement of progress over time

13 The Family Childcare Environment Rating Scales Training Available to all Swindon Childminders to: Gain an understanding of the rating scale Adopt the rating scales as a self reflective tool to develop your practice Trio will be advertising training dates shortly watch this space …..

14 Grants (current financial year to 31 st March 2014) We will honour this year’s network and flexible working incentives based on membership of the ‘old’ network scheme Grant conditions will also be as before i.e. – Return of information and workforce audits – ‘Options’ claimed are reported to FIS – Consent to publish information given Next audit is due to go out January 2014. 2013 audit will not be enforced but I will cross check whether 2014 audits are returned

15 Grants (next financial year April 14 – March 15) The 2014 – 15 budget has not yet been confirmed Any grants available will be published in the early years and childcare section of Schoolsonline Local conditions can be attached to these grants

16 Early Education Funding (Denise Stewart) All childminders wishing to access the free entitlement for children they are currently/in the future caring for, will need to ensure that they have signed and returned the Provider Agreement before the beginning of the term they wish the funding to commence. Failure to do this within the required timescale will result in funding being unavailable for the appropriate term.

17 Early Education Funding (Denise Stewart) It is the responsibility of the childminder to follow up any issues regarding missing paperwork or payments. If the paperwork has not been completed correctly this will be returned and no payments can be awarded until it has been returned with the correct information. Further information on the claim process, funding documentation required by the Local Authority and FAQ’s can be found by accessing the following link aspx aspx

18 Messages from other colleagues Safeguarding (Ceri McAteer) – Please complete and return you safeguarding audit – Ceri is there to provide advice BUT if you have a concern about a child you must contact the Referral Team (Family Contact Point) Workforce Development (Nicola Topp) – Deadline to apply for an Artemis licence is 21 st November

19 Specialist networks A specialist network for EY accredited childminders is no longer required GEMS will continue as is We are exploring some ideas about a community childminding scheme in Swindon to support the needs of vulnerable families and children with special needs and disabilities. More information will follow in the near future.

20 Any questions? Thank you for coming

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