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Welcome Introductions Housekeeping. Welcome Introductions Housekeeping.

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2 Welcome Introductions Housekeeping

3 Agenda Role of the Local Authority –new government guidance
Government policy overview Statutory Guidance for EYE – role of local authority Outline of proposed changes to the EYE terms and conditions Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF) consultation Recap on what is currently included. Why is it changing. Proposals in the consultation. How will the changes affect you. Our consultation with you about the changes

4 Early Education and Childcare Role of the Local Authority

5 Policy overview More great childcare Statutory guidance for EYE
More affordable childcare Ofsted registration Children and Families Bill

6 Government Policy direction
More Affordable Childcare Accessibility and maximising the take up of 570 hours for 2/3/4 year olds A provider’s ability to deliver government funded early education places should depend primarily on Ofsted’s judgement of their quality. Opening up the market; Increases childminder opportunities to offer EYE if good or outstanding Flexibility about how the EYE can be delivered. Increased numbers of 2 year olds and changes to the governments support for affordable childcare Targeted approach for SEN and children with disabilities.

7 Role of Local Authority
LAs cannot add conditions which create barriers, cannot refuse to fund: a Good or Outstanding provision if a child wants a place; new providers if when with Ofsted; Changing role of LA regarding info advice and training for RI; conditions of funding must relate to Ofsted actions EYSFF – no regulation changes at this time - must be simple; Possible legislation (C&F bill) regarding G and O 2 year olds Increase informal childcare from 2 to 3 hours without need to register Single registration for multiple premises Simplification of building requirements

8 Role of Local Authority
Fund 3 and 4 year olds at Requires Improvement (RI) / Good (G) / Outstanding (O); Fund 2 year olds at G and O; No conditions for G and O except: Proper use of funding; Entitlement free (charges by providers are not a condition of children accessing their place); Flexible access for parents; SEN needs are met; Children kept safe. Can withdraw funding as practicable for inadequate ofsted LAs can attach conditions to RI – ofsted actions

9 Statutory Guidance EYE
In summary Maximise access and funding for children; Ofsted judgement only. No change to 3/4 year old children’s eligibility; Increased 2 year old eligibility changes from September 2013; 570 hour from term after eligible birthday Targeted approach; Simple funding formula and maximise amount to providers; Increased flexibility for providers.

10 Hampshire EYE Payment Funding Terms and Conditions
Draft terms and conditions planned to be available for review by end of 2013. Core terms and conditions mainly unaffected; Main changes will be to the schedules in particular schedule 4. New EYE payment funding terms and conditions in place by 1 April 2014

11 Early Years Single funding formula

12 Early Years Single Funding Formula
What’s in the current rate paid: Base rate Flexibility Quality Individual Child supplement (IDACI) Deprivation Full information on Hantsweb:

13 EYSFF - why it’s changing?
Government’s intention: to simplify funding so that it is transparent and easy to understand; to ensure maximum funding reaches providers; to enable national benchmarking of funding for comparison purposes; To use a single rate for 2 Year Olds with no supplements.

14 Proposals in the consultation
Deprivation this is about increasing the budget to maintain the current rates. Quality this is about including the Ofsted ratings in the rate paid. Flexibility this is about how the surplus funding created by changing the flexibility bandings should be used.

15 Deprivation Deprivation funding bands introduced in April 2013 based on individual children’s home post code. The current bandings are costing £40,000 more than the current budget. Do you support the request to increase the budget or should we reduce the rates to keep within budget?

16 Current deprivation funding bands for individual children
Band Score Value 0 0 – n/a – £0.20 – £0.25 – £0.30 – £0.40 – £0.48 £0.50

17 Quality Quality DfE determines that Ofsted is the sole arbiter of quality so “Q” rating needs to take this into account. Transition proposed for 2014/15 including Ofsted rating with the qualification banding currently used.

18 Quality funding proposal
Ofsted Rating Funding Staffing Inadequate £0 + Q1 Requires improvement / satisfactory £0.05 Q2 £0.06 Good £0.12 Q3 Outstanding £0.19 Q4

19 Flexibility The majority of settings are flexible (F3/F4)
Simplify flexibility to two bandings only Less funding required for this part of the formula Flexibility savings/surplus to be distributed to another part of the formula (base or quality).

20 Flexibility The consultation is asking for your feedback on three options for the distribution of the saving.

21 Distribution of funding
Option 1 All the surplus funding from the flexibility rate changes is used to increase the base rate from £3.81 to £3.95

22 Distribution of funding
Option 2 Distribute all the surplus funds from the flexibility bands to the quality bands Ofsted Rating Funding Staffing Inadequate £0 + Q1 Requires improvement/ satisfactory £0.07 Q2 £0.10 Good £0.19 Q3 Outstanding £0.29 Q4

23 Distribution of funding
Option 3 50% base rate and 50% to quality The base rate would be £3.87 The quality bandings would be Ofsted Rating Funding Staffing Inadequate £0 + Q1 Requires improvement/ satisfactory £0.06 Q2 £0.08 Good £0.16 Q3 £0.15 Outstanding £0.26 Q4 £0.25

24 How changes will affect you
A tool available on the website Calculates each option based on a full year effect For each setting

25 The consultation All the information about the consultation is on the SfYC website: There are three key documents attached A word document about the changes The spreadsheet for you to check how the changes affect you A link to the survey monkey for your response by 25th October 2013.

26 The consultation There are 4 questions on the survey
Do you agree to funding the deprivation rate? Do agree to the approach adopted for the quality bandings? Which option do you prefer for the distribution of the surplus funding from the flexibility banding changes? When should funding be adjusted to take into account any changes in Ofsted rates? For each question there is a box for your comments. Talk through slide

27 And finally Questions/ Comments?

28 Tracey Messer Service Manager Childcare and Business Support
Childminder Support Tracey Messer Service Manager Childcare and Business Support

29 Hampshire Current Situation
Key part of the childcare market offering parent choice and flexibility: 1800 OFSTED registered Childminders 1300 (72%) registered Good and Outstanding 389 (21%) current part of EYE delivery 3 (<1%) Good and Outstanding EYE delivery as of Sept 2013. 618 children (2%) (out of 25551) claimed EYE Summer 2013 Supported through commissioned service Contract up for renewal LA budgets reduced

30 Hampshire Current Situation and support offer
Childminder Networks Programme of support for new childminders Pathways to Early Years Education funding Pathways and support for CPD Quality Practice and Play Sessions Support for OFSTED inspections Support for OFSTED Inadequate and Requires Improvement Support for critical incidents eg Safeguarding

31 The future Access to EYE funding to all Good and Outstanding OFSTED Childminders Government making key changes to role of local authority childminders and the support Childminder Agencies Limited funding leading to targeted support

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