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Leaders and Managers Network Meeting 21 st May 2013 9.30-11.30 am.

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1 Leaders and Managers Network Meeting 21 st May 2013 9.30-11.30 am

2 Agenda Welcome & Introductions Transition document Behaviour outreach Training SENRAP EYFS network meetings Changes to CAF Ofsted updates Feedback on consultations Next network meeting/Time for Questions

3 Moving On-Transition

4 No progress summary Back pages show present level of development - code Ofsted – should be secure in 30-50 month age band on entry to YR SEN Good liaison with schools

5 Safeguarding Transfer within 14 days of child leaving Complete “Transfer of Information Form” available on Original copy of records retained, photocopy passed on All CP records transferred separately from other records - marked confidential Records passed on face to face, to CP Lead at next setting if possible

6 Safeguarding cont… If you are not informed of the next setting but have a CP record, retain records for 5 years If you are not informed of next setting but there is social care involvement, inform the social worker immediately Refer to “EY Guidance for keeping CP records” on for further guidance.

7 Behaviour Outreach Team Referral procedure New referral form ‘Gaps’ sheets Support to consist of: -initial consultation - 3 follow-up visits to model support

8 Training Plan New training plan-should be on-line mid June Cost of training is being reviewed Review of LA funding agreement Increase in ‘on-line’ training

9 T he booking forms (online and postal) are in the training/courses section of the website – team are unable to take any bookings over the phone. Booking essential/confirmation The course planner & course description pages are updated to indicate when courses are fully booked or cancelled.

10 SENRAP Changes to application Bands to show level of need SEN drop-in’s from September Changes to funding-3 levels

11 EYFS Networks Wed 3 rd July 2.30-4pm at Saplings CC Thurs 4 th July 2.30-4pm at Saltway CC 2 LJ’s and Transition docs – moderation and the Profile. Need to book!

12 EYFS Profile Any children?

13 Changes to CAF Available on-line : Automatic record of the assessment saved 3-part form Include an action plan Launch in Autumn – training day and follow-up courses

14 Ofsted Updates Updated guidance: ‘Conducting Early Years Inspections’ Updated May 2013 ‘Framework for the Regulation Of Provision on the Early Years Register’ Updated May 2013

15 Consultations LA Role – being reviewed Ofsted Outcomes

16 Any Questions?

17 Next Meeting… Tues 24 th September 9.30-11.30 am Pinetrees Community Centre

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