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Changes to the children’s centre inspection framework from April 2013 Rachael Flesher HMI 28 June 2013.

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1 Changes to the children’s centre inspection framework from April 2013 Rachael Flesher HMI 28 June 2013

2 The case for change (1):  access to good quality early childhood services helps children get the start they deserve  every family using children’s centres deserves services that are at least good  a shared commitment to give local areas greater autonomy and flexibility  significant changes in how local authorities organise children’s centres, including centres that share services  revised statutory guidance; payment by results trials.

3 The case for change (2): Children's centres perform best when they:  have a detailed understanding of their local community  reach a high proportion of their target population  involve centre users in shaping and delivering services  have strong accountability and performance management systems  have high quality evidence - compelling information about the impact of the centre’s actions on children and families.

4  reduced set of judgements (from 20 to four)  introduction of a ‘requires improvement’ grade  mixed remit teams on every inspection to ensure coverage of centre provision  larger inspection teams and longer inspections for some types of inspection events  retention of an optional self-evaluation form  retention of up to three days notice of inspection  re-inspection of centres judged to ‘require improvement’. Overview of key changes:

5  a single inspection and report for a group of centres where they share leadership and management and integrated services  inspection of single centres  wherever possible and appropriate inspections will take place simultaneously across a locality where local authorities or partner organisations deliver integrated services collaboratively. For the purposes of inspection :

6 Key term: simultaneous inspection events A simultaneous inspection event may consist of:  one or more children’s centre groups  up to six or seven single centres ( may be a collaborative arrangement)  any combination of these depending on local authority arrangements.

7 Increased emphasis on:  the role of the local authority as the responsible body for children's centres and increased local authority engagement during inspections  centre leader’s role and inclusion throughout the inspection process  on-site preparation and planning for the inspection  joint observations  case tracking  performance management - including staff supervision.

8 Four grades for judgements  Outstanding  Good  Requires Improvement  Inadequate

9 The four judgements  Access to services by young children and their families.  The quality and impact of practice and services.  The effectiveness of leadership, governance and management.  Overall effectiveness.

10 Inspectors will consider:  whether the centre is meeting its legal requirements to make sufficient early childhood services available  the difference the centre makes to the young children and families in the local area  arrangements for targeted families to access services  the quality of universal and targeted services and the impact they have on outcomes for targeted young children and their families Overall Effectiveness

11  the effectiveness of governance, leadership and management in monitoring performance and making sufficient resources available to meet the needs of young children and families in the area. Overall Effectiveness

12 Planning for inspection  importance of accurate information from local authorities  SureStart_On  end of ‘inspection amnesty’  fewer deferrals.

13 Contacts Inspection queries Children’s centres delivery model SureStart_on queries Check your information on ECHarris Surestart_on

14 Further information on inspection childcare/for-early-years-and-childcare- providers/childrens-centres/childrens-centres

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