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IT Support 101 Julian Jordan Web & Macintosh Officer

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1 IT Support 101 Julian Jordan Web & Macintosh Officer

2 Some IT Support humour for you: © United Feature Syndicate Inc.

3 Meet the Team: Martin Ackland – Support Team Manager ◦ (13307) ◦ Room 10-026, New Biochemistry Building Richard Bryan – Research Computing Manager ◦ (13332) ◦ Room 00-069, New Biochemistry Building John Elder – Infrastructure & Security Officer ◦ (13333) ◦ Room 00-070, New Biochemistry Building Julian Jordan – Web & Macintosh Officer ◦ (13310) ◦ Room 10-027, New Biochemistry Building Jeremy Rowntree – IT Systems Manager ◦ (13309) ◦ Room 10-027, New Biochemistry Building

4 The Bottom Line: We want your computing experience to be a good one We’re not in the business of locking things down so tightly that you can’t even use “Calculator” We don’t necessarily “just know” computers play up IT support isn’t chargeable, so don’t just “soldier on” with computer issues: Talk to us if things aren’t running smoothly on your computer!

5 IT Helpdesk Service Just one number to remember for IT emergencies or if you can’t remember exactly who does what in the team: 13308 You may be passed to another member of the team who specialises in your issue but you won’t have to “hunt” through all the IT Support telephone numbers trying to find someone who’s at their desk

6 User Accounts Cue confusion – you have two distinct accounts; University and Departmental University facilities: ◦ Nexus e-mail Nexus e-mail ◦ TSM backup service TSM backup service ◦ Software site licenses including MS-Office, Endnote ◦ WebLearn VLE WebLearn VLE ◦ PC maintenance scheme PC maintenance scheme ◦ Personal web space ◦ Numerous courses ◦ Educational pricing for hardware/software ◦ for smartphones – lots going on

7 User Accounts See John Elder (Room 00-070, New Biochemistry Building) to activate your departmental account and set your initial password. (Please remember to take your University card with you) Departmental facilities: ◦ Windows Account to log in to most Windows PCs ◦ Home Directory (Windows H: drive, Network Disk on Mac/Linux) Home Directory ◦ VPN Account for accessing departmental facilities when you’re away VPN Account ◦ Web space for labs or other projects; many options available ◦ Talk to us about WebEx, a great system for videoconferencing  The University has paid the fees, so free for you to use  Can pull together PCs, Mac, Linux, Telephones and iPods into one conference ◦ Vast amounts of backed-up, fault-tolerant disk space can be arranged ◦

8 Job Requests What’s a Job Request? ◦ A job request is a formal request for some work to be done on your computer system, be it an initial network hookup, a hardware repair or help with installing something new Why use this system? ◦ All members of IT support see the job request e-mail ◦ The person with the appropriate expertise will take the job ◦ The job enters a tracking system and won’t be “forgotten about” How do I submit a Job Request? ◦ Go to ◦ Use the drop-down link on the Biochemistry internal homepage, entitled “Computing Job Request”

9 Network Access Default Connectivity: ◦ Connect to any active dataport to get a very restricted connection which will require a VPN account to do anything useful ◦ Inactive dataports (a rarity) can be enabled if you need them Biochemistry VPN Service ◦ Use to gain full access to network resources like H: drives, printers ◦ Wireless Networking ◦ Two Networks at present: OWL and Eduroam ◦ Full computer registration ◦ Use job request system for a fixed IP with full network access ◦ Please see

10 Departmental Website Split into two personalities: ◦ A “shop window” front-facing site with lots of news, pictures and information for prospective staff or students ◦ A “intranet” type site with information and facilities concerning day-to-day life here including a “What’s On” of things happening here If something isn’t working as you would expect, please contact There is also an extensive WebLearn presence and numerous sub-sites for specific purposes. Take a look around, there’s lots going on!

11 Computing Rules University-wide rules: ◦ Departmental Rules: ◦ Please make yourself aware of the rules – users have been known to have the “plug pulled” at a high level (JANET) for running undesirable software on their computer

12 Computer Performance My first computer looked like this: wikipedia

13 Computer Performance To go to this was an incredible upgrade: The same issues still apply – RAM, disk storage and to some extent, CPU speed RAM upgrades best “bang-for-buck”

14 What Goes Wrong? Windows PCs – Virus / Spyware data loss VERY common Dropped Mac Laptops – hard disk failure approx. bi-monthly Three passwords (University, Departmental & EduRoam) ◦ Recall failure accounts for many problems ◦ Please don’t ignore e-mails warning you of password expiry A hard disk is a mechanical device which WILL wear out. ◦ Even solid state drives incur electronic “wear” over time ◦ The seconds are ticking down until the moment that YOUR hard disk fails, taking all your irreplaceable data with it… Sort out a backup strategy TODAY!!!

15 A very scary picture for Mac users...

16 Data Security Store your files on your H: Drive (this is backed up nightly) Get your computer set up with the free TSM backup service ◦ Once installed, TSM operates on a “no news is good news” basis ◦ Please don’t ignore e-mails telling you that it’s failed Time machine (Mac) and Dropbox also worth looking at Cloud storage for personal photos / videos etc? Don’t leave files on C: Drives on communal machines and expect to see them there the next day Be very careful with e-mail attachments, and e-mails claiming to be from your bank or Microsoft… or even the University Nexus service Sophos Anti-Virus is mandatory on PCs & Macs, please report any virus warnings to IT Support& Macs Don’t keep putting off those “Software Update” nags – they could save your bacon! If in doubt, please talk to us – we are after all IT Support

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