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Laptop 101 Campus Training Mac Version. Introduction Learning Objectives After completing this course the participant will be able to: 1. Successfully.

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1 Laptop 101 Campus Training Mac Version

2 Introduction Learning Objectives After completing this course the participant will be able to: 1. Successfully navigate using their computer's current operating system. 2. Successfully connect to a printer and be able to print documents as needed. 3. Successfully connect to the district's network to save and retrieve documents as needed. 4. Troubleshoot minor issues that arise with their classroom computers. Resources workshop materials and tutorials training resources District technology support resources Timeframe 45 minute face-to-face session with numerous online resources for follow up tutorial training. To view this training material from home, go to: and bookmark the page.

3 Managing Your Mac What Features Does My New Macbook Have?Macbook Computrace Lojack software/hardware is installed on all new Macs and PCs purchased by AISD. What does that mean? If reported stolen, all computers will have the ability to track their physical location, observe and store all keyboard use, and take pictures through the webcam of who is using the computer. This information will be shared with authorities. This ability is also stored in such a way that it remains intact even if the hard drive is replaced or wiped. File Vault Security All Austin ISD Teacher Laptops have a portion of the disk drive encrypted in order to protect sensitive student data that is subject to FERPA. This feature will prevent this data from being compromised in the event the laptop is lost or stolen. For more information about this go to: Managing Your MacManaging Your Mac Go to for OS 10.5 (Leopard) If you are familiar with Macs, Apple has some Mac101 tutorials.Mac101 tutorials. If you are familiar with PCs go to Mac101 Switch tutorials.Mac101 Switch tutorials How to Make Screen Shots in OS XMake Screen Shots in OS X More tutorials from Apple about how to use your mac.tutorials

4 Backing up Files Computers break, stop working or in other ways mess up your files so that you cannot access them. If you do not have a backup copy of your files, you will lose all that work. If you have not lost files you will. There is a universal law of technology that requires that this catastrophe happen at the least opportune moment. Backing up your files is time well spent throughout the year. It is a good habit to either save the files you work on to your (H)ome directory on the district servers or periodically back them up by creating copies of your important files and saving the copies to your (H)ome directory on the district servers or to another external device like a USB flash drive or writable CD or DVD. For detailed instructions for backing up your files and then moving them to your new laptop go to Backing Up Files.Backing Up Files.

5 Macs and Printers Your new laptop can print to any printer on campus and from nearly all printers you might have at home. For your home computer, consult the directions that came with your printer. For your campus printers view the links below. A Word doc with the latest information about Macs and Printers.Macs and Printers. More Extensive Printer FAQsMore Extensive Printer FAQs.

6 Macs and Servers Saving your files to your home (H) directory is normally the most secure procedure to follow. Your laptop will automatically mount your home directory when you log in. This diagram depicts our districts server configuration and may help understand the process. Links to more information: Server FAQs Teacher's Server Home Share

7 Macs and iNotes iNotes is the web version of Lotus Notes and runs inside your Firefox 2.ox browser window. iNotes has all the capabilities of Notes and is supported by AISDs Help Desk. To use iNotes for email, in the address window of Firefox type: To increase the functionality of iNotes follow these steps. On your old computer: * Launch lotus notes. * Open the Mail window. * Go to Actions/Synchronize address book. This will synch all of your personal contact addresses and other info from your current computer to the Notes server. Then when you use iNotes from any computer at home or school, you can send email to all your personal contact address book as well as district personnel. Lotus Notes can be used on your new laptop but you will need to contact your campus tech support person for help in setting it up on your laptop.

8 Getting Help AISD's Help Desk is just a phone call or click away. To call for help with any technology issue at school call: 414-TECH(8324) For online help AISD's Help Desk has created an Online Resource at: The purpose of this Web site is to enhance support services Helpdesk provides to their customers. They've provided a number of resources here to help you report and resolve problems, suggest improvements and learn about supported products. This site includes helpful info for both technician staff and end users throughout the Austin Independent School District. You are encouraged to submit heat tickets online. Here are two resources to help you learn this process. How do you submit a heat ticket? Submitting Heat Tickets.ppt

9 Mac Laptops and Wireless Connectivity Conclusion For more detailed information and instructions about your new laptop go to: Select Teacher Laptops Select Tutorials Select Mac Then select any topic that interests you. All of this training material is also available to you from home. When using your laptop at your desk at school we recommend you plug in an Ethernet cable for faster network and internet connectivity. The following instructions show how to set up your laptop at school and home for wireless connectivity: Teacher Laptop Specs_mac.doc

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