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Perimeter Church Perimeter Network Introduction 2005.

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1 Perimeter Church Perimeter Network Introduction 2005

2 Turning On Your Computer Shutting Down Your Computer

3 Shutting Down Start, Shut Down –If you use a desktop or notebook computer Start, Log Off –If you use a Citrix terminal

4 Computer User Policy Protect Perimeter’s Computer Protect Perimeter's Data Don’t Load Software Yourself Don’t Launch a Virus from an Email Attachment

5 Software on Your Computer Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Internet Explorer Shelby? No unauthorized software

6 Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Log on

7 Security Why is security needed at a Church? Why is security needed at a Christian School?

8 Passwords - Minimum Length of 8 characters - Must contain 3 of these 4: upper case lower case numbers special characters

9 Passwords - Must change Password every 90 days. System will remind you. - There are lots of easy to remember but hard to guess passwords, such as Isa40:31

10 Screen Saver Use the icon that looks like a key to turn on your Screen Saver when you leave your desk If you don’t turn it on, it will come on automatically in a couple of minutes

11 Citrix Citrix users use programs installed on the Citrix Server, not their own computer. –Eliminates the need for standard programs on your computer. –Eliminates the need for non-standard programs on your computer. –Eliminates the need for a notebook computer to connect from home. –Allows your high speed home connection to be used for remote access to Perimeter.

12 Logging in

13 What You See First - the Intranet

14 Intranet Announcements The Intranet Home Page shows Announcements. You can Post Announcements for yourself or your Department. Click on Post an Announcement. OR Send an email message to Announcements - Intranet. Check your Announcement to make sure it is what you intended.

15 Telephones and Voicemail Use voicemail shortcuts. What is the extension for Randy Schlicting?

16 What is the Extension for Randy? Look for an extension number on the Intranet. OR Press the Menu key under the display on your phone. Then press Dir for a Directory sorted by last name. Use the Next key to get additional names.

17 Intranet Searches Search for Randy in Phone List Search for Randy in Profile Description Search for Randy in Search field at top right of Intranet

18 Network Components What are the pieces of a Network??

19 Network Components Computers / Software Network card Wiring / Hub Server People (computer users)

20 Where should I save my files? Floppy disk Hard disk Other

21 Drives on most Home Computers A C D

22 Advantages of the Server Drives 1.Nightly backup 2.Ease of sharing files with other users

23 Gehazi Drives HPRHPR

24 Server Drives H Home P Published R Restricted

25 Where on the Server Drives Should I Save My Files?

26 Server Drives H Home - this is the default location, only you can view P Published – all Staff can view R Restricted - only your Department can view

27 Field Trip Visit the Server Room Observe Gehazi in action Observe Joseph in action

28 Intranet - Only for Staff use Home Page contains: Announcements Church Event Calendar New Church Members New Staff Staff Recognition Birthdays Important Documents

29 Intranet - Navigation Bar All Departments - Email and Labels Phone List Shelby Data eForms Resources

30 Internet Perimeter uses blocking software. The list of blocked sites is updated on a regular basis.


32 Printing Network Printers are the norm Local Printers seldom used High Maintenance – toner, paper

33 Watch out for Viruses Don’t open Attachments that are programs. It’s OK to read an email message. See the handout for a complete list of files that are OK to open. Follow the 3 Steps for each attachment.

34 Microsoft Outlook Email Calendar Address Book Tasks

35 1 - Search for that topic in Peroogle 2 - Send an email to helpdesk Getting HELP with Your Computer

36 Send an email to Helpdesk - Provide as many details as possible - In the TO field, type helpdesk

37 Look in the Outlook Public Folder named _Staff KnowledgeBase In Outlook, Click on Public Folders Then click on Favorites

38 Exchange Public Folders: Staff Knowledge Base Prayer Requests Humor Announcements – Intranet Helpdesk

39 Server Drives (H,P,R) vs Exchange Public Folders Places to Share Information

40 If another user is using a file open as Read Only Two people can’t edit the same file at the same time

41 Accessing Shelby Do you have permission? Username - What is it? Password - What is it?

42 Where to find Training Information P:\OPE - Operations Division \ITD - Information Technology \IT_Training

43 Information about Computers and Telephones Intranet Important Documents – top right of the Home Page _Staff Knowledge Base – in Outlook Public Folders P:\OPE - Operations Division\ITD - Information Technology\IT_Training P:\OPE - Operations Division\ITD - Information Technology\Telephones and Voice Mail

44 Other IT Training Classes Classes Available Classes already scheduled


46 Quiz Feedback Form


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