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Introduction to Physics IT Support. To learn about IT Support available with the Department of Physics, and across the University. To find out a little.

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1 Introduction to Physics IT Support

2 To learn about IT Support available with the Department of Physics, and across the University. To find out a little about the systems youll be using. To ensure that you know whats available, where and when. Intro to some specific tools. The purpose of this session...

3 BUCS IT Supporter for the Department of Physics (since 1 st August 2009) Member of the Faculty of Science and School of Management IT Team, as part of the campus-wide User Services section of BUCS. Employed by the Department of Physics as an IT Technician since 2001. Who am I?

4 Responsible for all of the 300+ computers, plus servers, network equipment etc. used by the Department of Physics. Level 1 support for all Physics staff, Postgraduates and Undergraduates. Advisory role for the Physics Department, as part of the Department Executive Committee, and other relevant groups. What do I do?

5 ALL computer use of campus is subject to the Acceptable use Policy, part of the University Regulations. Please ensure that you are familiar with the terms of this policy. See the Computing Services website for full details. First things first...

6 Get in touch with me: 3 West 4.3a Ext. 5858 BUCS FAQs and help pages Problem reporting Form Library Helpdesk Getting Help

7 Introduction to Physics IT Support

8 Windows desktop PCs Sun Ray thin clients Windows Terminal Servers UNIX (Solaris) compute servers Linux compute servers Linux desktop PCs (MPhys, PGs and Staff) Apple Macs (PGs and Staff) Types of computers available.

9 Active Directory is the Microsoft user authentication system. Roaming profiles - personal settings will follow you around My Documents redirected to your networked filestore; h:\dos\ Staying with Windows XP for now! Windows Desktop PC (Active Directory)

10 Sun Rays (Thin Clients) In Library, cyber cafes, Physics workroom and in many corridors around the campus. No computing power – simple clients to connect to servers. Allow access to web browser, Windows terminal servers, Linux desktop + UNIX terminal

11 Windows Terminal Servers – provide additional software and access. Linux servers – provide a linux desktop option on Sun Rays + compute power. UNIX (solaris) servers – our general purpose compute servers. The Servers

12 Storing your personal files Use your h: drive – 1GB default quota This holds My Documents on windows, and UNIX/Linux home directory. Back up + snapshots Check quota in Your Account on BUCS web.

13 Storing your work/research files Use your x: drive – and ignore the Windows size report. Each research group should have an area. Permissions are group specific. Backed up every night.

14 Useful to know Printing – each group is slightly different, so ask your supervisor. E-mail is one of our primary means of communication, so check regularly. E-mail quota is separate to your filestore. E-mail is virus scanned, and spam checked. Laptop docking is available in many offices/labs.

15 Introduction to Physics IT Support

16 The Library has many PCs and Sun Rays available at all times. PC labs are situated in 1W2.25, 1E3.9, 2E1.14 and 3E3.1, and may be used if not booked for teaching. Where to find a computer? Sun Ray terminals may be found all around the campus. Physics computer workroom – 3 West 4.3

17 3 West 4.3 (up the stairs from Physics Square) Open 08:30 – 17:00 during the week (my work hours) 20 Sun Rays 3 Windows XP PCs Wireless network IT Support in the corner... The Physics Computer Workroom

18 19 Windows PCs in level 3 labs, 20 PCs in MPhys lab (mix of XP and Linux) Dedicated hardware and software for experiments. Printer for lab results. Wireless and docking. Physics Teaching Laboratories

19 Physics Research Facilities

20 IT related purchasing University financial regulations restrict the suppliers that we can use, and the types of computers that we can buy. Within the Department of Physics, ALL IT purchases should be discussed with me, and in most cases I will deal with all of the order process. Please note that some research projects cannot fund Computer Consumables!

21 Display Screen Regulations You may have been given a workstation assessment/display screen assessment form to complete (a pink form). Im the Departments named Assessor, so Im responsible for checking these are done, and that any required changes are made.

22 Introduction to Physics IT Support

23 Your Account Homepage > Computing Services > Your Account

24 Moodle

25 Person Finder Use it to find your Supervisor.

26 Introduction to Physics IT Support

27 Take regular breaks when using computers. Treat the computers with respect –Accidents/failures do happen, please let me know. If you need help, please ask. Were here to help. Enjoy your time here! Thank you for your time and patience. Now... Any questions? Please remember!

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