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Peter Lewis, Chief Executive. Where it all began Founded in 1983 Committed volunteers from top charities.

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1 Peter Lewis, Chief Executive

2 Where it all began Founded in 1983 Committed volunteers from top charities

3 Our members… 350 organisations 5,300 individual members from 2,500 charities 20/20 Top UK Charities £4 billion worth of voluntary income every year for good causes Pictures featured: Action for Children, Mercy Corps, St John’s Hospital, Mayhew Animal home, Kidney Research UK

4 Member-led Trustee Board Elected by the membership at the AGM Sets strategic direction Ensures strategic objectives of the organisation are met

5 Members at core Standards Committee Policy Advisory Board Learning and Development Committee Convention Board

6 IoF Strategy 2012-2017 Create a better environment for fundraisers to raise money Increase understanding of fundraising Enable fundraisers to become the best they can be

7 Voluntary groups National, Regional and Special Interest Groups Range of support and services across the UK 350 volunteers over 100 networking events

8 Collaboration is key for IoF NAVCA, Voice for Change and Small Charities Coalition - training Acevo: CEOs and trustees and fundraising NCVO and CFG – policy and voice SCVO in Scotland WCVA in Wales

9 A different kind of climate change…? Public spending cuts Continued recession More budget tightening to come

10 Fundraising more important and under scrutiny Charities Act Review Public Administration Select Committee Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme Face to face fundraising

11 Some key data… UK voluntary sector income 09/10: £36.7 billion (£38bn in 07/08) £14.3 bn from individuals £13.2 bn statutory £3.4 bn trusts; £1.6bn corporate [thanks to ncvo!]

12 Some Face to Face data… 8650,00O signed up to support a charity by Direct Debit as a result of FTF or DTD fundraising last year This is worth £130 million per annum There were only 1098 complaints about FTF fundraising (0.003% of people asked) Average returns 2.5:1 over 5 years; 4:1 over 10 years [thanks to pfra]

13 A bit more data… Gift Aid worth circa £1.2 billion 65,000 organisations claim Gift Aid 73% of organisations claim under 5k 113 organisations claim over £1 million Business rate relief worth circa £1.3 billion IHT relief worth £400 million Higher rate gift aid relief worth £350 million

14 Managing in a Downturn (IoF with PWC and CFG) 80% charities concerned about more competition amongst charities 93% of fundraisers say the fundraising climate has got tougher in the past 12 months 66% plan to increase current activity 65% plan to expand fundraising into new areas

15 Our YouGov survey says… Charities need fundraisers Charities would lose billions without help of fundraisers Women prove more generous than men

16 Our survey says… If you don’t ask you don’t get! 66% reported that a fundraising ask for support had led them to stump up cash

17 Our survey says… People rate it as highly important (over 7/10) for charities to employ fundraisers

18 Fundraising is key Overall giving levels at best flat but charities who invest in fundraising are : continuing to grow their income; or successfully diversifying their income streams

19 Support for small charities in England 6,700 individuals trained against a target of 2000 through : face to face training Online learning including our Five Minute Fundraiser videos Mentoring schemes and bursaries.

20 The future Major Donors Digital Giving Reform of Payroll Giving Improvements to Gift Aid Expansion of Legacy Giving

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