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TRUST FUNDS Opportunities and Approaches 8 th October 2010.

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1 TRUST FUNDS Opportunities and Approaches 8 th October 2010

2 Background There are 8,800 UK Trusts and Foundations In total UK Trusts and Foundations give £2.1billion per annum 71% of the supported activities are from Social Care, Education, Health and the Arts

3 Why apply to Trusts and Foundations? Reductions in central government funding for adult education Reductions in, or the demise of, local government funding for adult education Increased competition for national funding, such as the Lotteries, as other funding streams disappear Trusts and Foundations are independent and have their own resources to allocate.

4 Assessing your funding needs How much money do you need? What is it for? (capital / revenue) How will you use the money? When do you need the money by? How many funders will you approach? Will different grants be inter-dependent?

5 Are you eligible for funding? Consider: The status of your organisation The turnover of your organisation The level of funding you need What other sources are available Where in the country you are based What field you are working in How you will spend the money

6 Meeting the funding criteria Registered charity, community or voluntary group, social enterprise Address the priorities, aims, objectives and deliver against the outcomes Work in partnership with other organisations, rather than in isolation Develop innovative responses to existing problems or identify new ones

7 Esmee Fairburn Foundation Priorities: Cultural life of the UK Education and learning The natural environment Enabling disadvantaged people to participate in society Funding available: Average grant from the Main Fund is £64,500 Exclusions: Capital projects Vocational training Conferences and seminars Application process: A two-stage application process (2 page outline followed by a full application). Timescale: A minimum of five months to receive a decision

8 The Garfield Weston Foundation Priorities: Education The arts Health Welfare Environment Funding available: From £100 – £2,000,000 Exclusions: One-off events Salaries or positions (but contributions to core costs are eligible) Application process: A basic details form and a letter of application required Timescale: 3 to 4 months to receive a decision

9 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust Priorities: Peace Racial justice Power and responsibility Quaker issues Northern Ireland and promoting a peaceful society Funding available: From £100 to over £100,000 Exclusions: Buildings Business development or job creation Application process: An application letter (including budget, accounts and equal opportunities policy) and a completed registration form Timescale: 10 weeks to receive a decision

10 The five-minute-project TASK In groups, develop a project proposal - in five minutes - which could be used when applying for funding to one of the featured Trusts. Focus on the following headings in your proposal: - Aim of the project - Objectives - Target audience - Resources required

11 Working together Y&H and NW regions are sharing information on Trust funds and developing joint procedures to speed up the application process. More work still to be done in identifying and ‘courting’ appropriate Trusts or Foundations who may support our work if they get to hear of it. Further developments need to take place to sustain, via applications to Trusts and Foundations, successful project activities coming to an end.

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