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Lateral thinking and income generation Anna Leatherdale.

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1 Lateral thinking and income generation Anna Leatherdale

2 Income generation FUNDRAISING DONATIONS EARNED Building relationships Communicating: a two-way process - listening/reading - speaking/writing Time

3 Recent fundraising experience core costs for an educational charity a volunteering development programme funds for the development of a business plan the Prince of Wales Award for Stokeinteignhead Village shop funds to support the delivery of music provision for under 5s across Teignbridge a national video competition for 11-19 year olds staff training costs some of the funds needed to rebuild, furnish and restore the collections in a local museum a project to enable disabled and non-disabled school students to work together

4 Why do you want money?

5 Funders dont care about what you do. They care about PEOPLE. No matter what your project is about- whether its about mobility scooters, car- share schemes, community buses – whatever it is - make it clear how it will benefit PEOPLE.

6 Potential sources of income Grants Donations Earned income

7 Grants Local authority (Devon County Council) European funding Trusts and foundations (eg Sutton Shopmobility Charity ) Sector specific agencies (eg The Health Lottery) National agencies (eg Dept of Transport)

8 Fundraising Fundraising courses Community Voluntary Service Directory for Social Change Local Authority Think laterally: Show how you benefit people within your community.

9 Top Tips Do your homework: - Read up about each fund that youre applying to – what have they given money to in the past? - Whats happened to their stocks and shares? - How much do they usually give? - Do you know anyone else who is going for the fund your aiming for? (If its the organisation in the next town then work in partnership or think again.)

10 Top Tips Funders care about PEOPLE, so make it clear how your project will benefit people in your community. Always thank your funders – no matter who they are and even if they say no – theyll remember you next time. If it says please dont phone, then dont phone. But if it says phone calls are welcome then call them. It may save you a lot of time and it helps build the relationship. (But always do your homework first and know exactly what youre calling them about.) Once you secure some funding keep your funders informed.

11 Donations On-line giving Legacies Payroll giving Gift Aid Donations Corporations Individuals Prizes/Gifts

12 Earned income Service provision Venue hire Product sales Contracts Sponsorship Earned income CHECK YOUR CONSTITUTION Membership Events

13 Useful links (events fundraising guide etc) (on-line fundraising ideas) (directory of funding sources websites) Your local Community & Voluntary Services (CVS)

14 And remember….. Income generation is like gardening: you plant the seed of an idea and it takes a while to show signs of life and come to fruition. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time.

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