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Mr. Putter & Tabby Write the Book *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee January 2009.

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1 Mr. Putter & Tabby Write the Book *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee January 2009

2 disturb If you disturb someone, then you make a noise that bothers him or her.

3 There was a “Do Not Disturb” sign on my brother’s door. A loud noise can disturb my quiet time. Which would disturb you, a chiming clock or a siren? disturb

4 * If you disturb your mother while she is resting, will she be happy or angry? * If you made a “Do Not Disturb” sign, where would you put it? disturb

5 underneath Underneath means something below or beneath.

6 I found my slippers underneath my bed. Worms live underneath the ground. Which would you be more likely to find underneath your desk- a book bag or a lamp? underneath

7 * Would you like to explore underneath the ocean’s surface? * If you looked underneath a rock, what might you find? underneath

8 cozy If a place is cozy, then it makes you feel warm, happy, and comfortable.

9 I feel cozy when I’m in my bed. Where do you feel cozy? A cozy chair is soft. cozy

10 * Which would make a cozy pet, a cat or a snake? * Who would you give a cozy blanket to? cozy

11 enchanting If you think someone or something is enchanting, then you think that person or thing is likeable and enjoyable.

12 The garden was enchanting. Is a forest enchanting? That poem was enchanting because it described a beautiful sunset. enchanting

13 * Which is more enchanting, a rainbow or a puddle? * What would you draw in an enchanting picture? enchanting

14 instead When you do one thing instead of a second thing, then you do it in place of the second thing. The penguins would rather be in the water instead of standing on the ice.

15 I played a video game instead of completing my homework. What can you do instead of watching television? instead

16 * Do you want to go to the zoo instead of the movie theatre? * If you couldn’t go outside to recess, what would you do instead? instead

17 thrilled Thrilled means you feel excited and happy.

18 I was thrilled when I won the race. What makes you feel thrilled? My mom was thrilled that my dad cooked dinner. thrilled

19 * How would you show that you are thrilled to win an award? * Would you be thrilled if you got a new sister or brother? * Do you feel thrilled if you are sick? thrilled

20 review If you say or write what you think about a movie or a book, then you are giving it a review.

21 I gave the boring movie a bad review. What movie would you give a good review? review

22 * Which word would you see in a good review: excellent or terrible? * How would you cheer up a friend whose story got a bad review? review

23 celebrate If you are happy about something, then you may have a party to celebrate.

24 I celebrate on the last day of school. When do you celebrate? celebrate

25 * Do you celebrate if you fall down? * Would you celebrate if you lost your jacket? * Would you celebrate if you won a game? celebrate

26 procrastinate Procrastinate means you delay or avoid doing something you need to do.

27 procrastinate Mr. Putter procrastinated by taking a nap instead of writing a book. I procrastinated by reading a magazine instead of washing the dishes. Would you procrastinate when it’s time to open a present?

28 procrastinate * Do you procrastinate when it is time to get ready to go to school? * When is a time when you would not want to procrastinate?

29 diversion A diversion is something that takes you away from what you are doing or thinking about.

30 diversion For a diversion, Mr. Putter made stew. For a diversion, I listen to music. Playing a video game is my favorite diversion.

31 diversion * What would you do for a diversion during a long car trip? * Is a diversion for a baby the same as a diversion for someone your age?

32 The mother gave her child milk _______ of soda. A. thrilled B. enchanting C. celebrate D. instead

33 My sister was hiding ______ the kitchen table during a game of Hide-and-Seek. A. celebrate B. underneath C. instead D. diversion

34 I felt _______ sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the fire in my fireplace. A. procrastinate B. disturb C. review D. cozy

35 The crying baby needed a ______, so I sang a funny song. A. diversion B. celebrate C. procrastinate D. underneath

36 The doorbell _________ the baby’s nap. A. underneath B. cozy C. disturbed D. thrilled

37 I __________ by playing with my toys instead of cleaning my room. A. celebrated B. disturbed C. thrilled D. procrastinated

38 Mr. Putter’s story was _________. A. enchanting B. cozy C. thrilled D. review

39 My friend was ______ when she got a good grade on her spelling test. A. celebrate B. enchanting C. thrilled D. diversion

40 My friends and I ________ when our class won the Reading Counts contest. A. procrastinated B. disturbed C. thrilled D. celebrated

41 Did Mrs. Teaberry give Mr. Putter’s writing a good ______ ? A. review B. enchanting C. thrilled D. instead

42 Can you read these words? 1. disturb 2. underneath 3. cozy 4. enchanting 5. instead 6. thrilled 7. review 8. celebrate 9. procrastinate 10. diversion

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