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Lost Lake Elementary School Created by: Mrs. Rebecca Foster, Literacy Coach.

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2 Lost Lake Elementary School Created by: Mrs. Rebecca Foster, Literacy Coach

3 Robust Vocabulary

4 eagerly If you are waiting eagerly for something, you are excited or anxious for it to happen. 1.The children rushed to the palace with their beautiful flowers, eagerly hoping to be chosen. 2.Who is more likely to wait eagerly, a child waiting for the ice cream truck or a child waiting in a dentist’s office? 3.If someone eagerly did a task, were they happy about doing it? Explain. 4.Have you ever eagerly performed a task? If so, what task did you do?

5 transferred If you transferred something, you moved it from one place to another. 1.Ping transferred the seed into the rich black soil. 2.Would you have transferred your pencil if you switched it from your right hand to your left or if you turned it upside down to use the eraser? 3.If you helped your parents clear the table, what items would be transferred to the kitchen? 4.If your mom said she transferred some items to your room, what things would you expect to find there?

6 contented If you are contented, you are happy with the way things are. 1.In the beginning of the story, the villagers feel contented with life in their village. 2. I feel contented with the place that I live. Would you be contented with owning skates or a scooter? 3.What emotions do you feel when you are contented? 4.Imagine someone who is not contented with how he or she is doing in school. What would you suggest that this student do? 5.Would you let friends in your bedroom if you were not contented with how your room looked? Explain.

7 collaborate If you are going to work with others on a project, you are planning to collaborate. 1.Mrs. Lark asked the villagers to collaborate with her to rescue Eloise. 2.My sister and I will collaborate to bake a cake for our mom’s birthday. Could you collaborate on riding a bike or painting a mural? 3.When is it helpful to collaborate with someone else? 4.On what activities do you like to collaborate with others? 5.What things would you prefer to do alone rather than collaborate on with someone?

8 fondness If you like something very much, you have a fondness for it. 1.What kind of animal do you have a fondness for? 2.Imagine someone who has fondness for the outdoors. Would this person spend their time hiking or watching TV? 3.What are some things that you have a fondness for?

9 emotion An emotion is a feeling such as happiness. 1.What emotion do you feel when you are the winner of a game? 2.Would the winner of a contest be full of emotion? Why or why not? 3.What emotion might you feel if you did not get a gift that you had been hoping for?

10 ridiculous Something that is very silly is ridiculous. 1.Have you ever seen a person in a ridiculous costume? Explain. 2.If a person had a dream that did not make sense, why might they say it was ridiculous? 3.What costume might make you feel ridiculous?

11 disgraceful If something is disgraceful, it is shocking and not acceptable. 1.Which might be considered disgraceful-a neat desk or a dirty desk? Explain. 2.What might a teacher say if she read a paper that was disgraceful? 3.If your bedroom was in disgraceful shape, what might it look like?

12 decent Someone who is decent is good and fair. 1.Would a decent person take someone’s pencil? Why or why not? 2.If your coach said that you are a decent soccer player, would you be pleased? Why or why not? 3.What would you say if someone offered you decent pay for pet-sitting a hamster? Explain.

13 inherit When you inherit something, you have been given something by someone who used to own it. 1.What might you inherit from an older brother or sister? 2.How would you feel if you inherited a lot of money? 3.What would you do with the inherited money?

14 Try this: 1.It would be ______________ to wear a heavy coat in the summertime. 2.He hoped to ____________ his family’s farm some day. 3.Someone who is ___________ would make a good judge. 4.It would be _____________ to tell a lie. 5.She had a ______________ for warm weather. fondness emotion disgraceful ridiculous decent inherit eagerly transferred contented collaborate ridiculous inherit decent disgraceful fondness

15 fondness emotion disgraceful ridiculous decent inherit eagerly transferred contented collaborate 6. Happiness is a good _____________ to feel. 7. We were ____________ waiting for our trip to the beach. 8. He felt ________________ after the Thanksgiving meal. 9. The students needed to ________________ to finish the large puzzle. 10. She ______________ the bottom book in the stack to the top. emotion eagerly contented collaborate transferred


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