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By: Leigh Twigg Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book By: Cynthia Rylant.

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1 By: Leigh Twigg Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book By: Cynthia Rylant

2 Meg wrote a “Do not disturb” sign so she would be left alone.

3 disturb Making noise that bothers him or her

4 Say the word disturb

5 A loud noise can disturb my quiet time. Which would disturb you….? a whisper or a siren

6 A piece of paper was underneath Meg’s bed.

7 underneath When something is below

8 Say the word underneath

9 Worms live underneath the ground. Which might you find underneath a desk? a book bag or lamp

10 Mr. Putter can procrastinate by napping instead of writing.

11 procrastinate When you delay or avoid doing something you need to do

12 Say the word procrastinate

13 Which might be an example of procrastinating? Doing your home- work right away Watching TV instead of studying for your spelling test

14 For a diversion, Mr. Putter made stew.

15 diversion When something that takes you away from what your doing or thinking about

16 Say the word diversion

17 For a diversion, I listen to music. Would you rather watch TV or play a video game for a diversion?

18 I feel cozy when I’m in my bed.

19 cozy When something makes you feel warm, happy, and comfortable

20 Say the word cozy

21 What makes you feel cozy?

22 The garden was enchanting?

23 enchanting If you think a person or thing is likeable or enjoyable

24 Say the word enchanting

25 Which is more enchanting? a puddle or a rainbow

26 I was thrilled when I won the race.

27 thrilled Made you feel excited and happy

28 Say the word thrilled

29 Would you be thrilled if you made a good grade or a bad grade on a test?

30 I read a book instead of watching TV.

31 instead When you do one thing in place of a 2 nd thing

32 Say the word instead

33 What is something you could do instead of watching TV?

34 I gave the boring movie a bad review.

35 review When you say or write about a play, book, or movie

36 Say the word review

37 Which word would you use in a good review? excellent terrible

38 I celebrate on the Fourth of July.

39 celebrate When you are happy about something and might even have a party

40 Say the word celebrate

41 Would you celebrate if you lost your jacket?

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