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Ramona Quimby Age 8 Grassy Lake Elementary 3 rd Grade.

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1 Ramona Quimby Age 8 Grassy Lake Elementary 3 rd Grade

2 Individually n If you speak to your friends one at a time, you speak to them individually n The teacher met with each child individually to discuss their grades. n Have you ever eaten anything that is individually wrapped?

3 Affordable n If you have enough money to buy something, that thing is affordable n The game was affordable because it was only $2.00. n What is a product that is affordable for you to buy?

4 Presentation n If you describe or perform something in front of a group of people, you are putting on a presentation n Your presentation on Martin Luther King was very informative and enjoyable. n Would you rather watch a presentation or give one? Explain.

5 Effective n When you get the results you want, then your actions have been effective n The medicine the doctor gave me for my flu has been effective. n Do you think commercials are effective?

6 Clutter n If a place such as your desk or your room has clutter, it is messy and full of things you do not really need n Michael’s mother was mad at him because he had not cleaned the clutter in his room. n What kind of clutter do you have, that you want to keep?

7 Mentioned n If you mentioned something, you talked about it briefly n Mrs. Smith mentioned that there would be a math test on Friday. n What is something your parents have mentioned to you more than once?

8 Beckoned n If you beckoned to someone, you used your hand to signal him or her to come to you n Robert beckoned for his friend to come help him with his math homework. n What would you do if a friend beckoned you?

9 Flustered n If something flustered you, it made you forget what you were saying or doing n Loud noises fluster me. n What is something that causes you to be flustered?

10 Remark n A remark is something that is said about something n Arthur made a nice remark to Lauren about her Science Project. n What might you remark to your mother if you wanted to be kind?

11 Visible n When something is visible, you can see it n The spaghetti sauce stain on your shirt is visible. n What is visible from the window in your room?

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