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Big Bushy Mustache *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee December 2008.

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1 Big Bushy Mustache *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee December 2008

2 wilting Wilting means leaves are drooping because the plant didn’t get enough water.

3 My new plant did not have wilting leaves. If you had a garden, would you you like wilting flowers? If you give a plant enough water, will it start to wilt? wilting

4 * Name some reasons why plants might be wilting. * If someone wilts from being outside in the heat, how does that person feel? wilting

5 flitted Flitted means something moved quickly from place to place without stopping for long.

6 The butterflies flitted about in the air. Which would be more likely to flit about- a bird in a cage or a bird in a tree? flitted

7 * Would a class flit from room to room? * Would you be more likely to flit about a toy store or a doctor’s office? flitted

8 swirling Swirling means something is moving round and round quickly.

9 My little sister watched the swirling snowflakes. When would you most likely see swirling leaves- on a rainy day or on a windy day? swirling

10 * Would it be a good idea to swirl hot soup in a bowl? * When does water swirl in a bathtub- when it’s being added or when it’s being drained out? swirling

11 trance When someone is in a trance, he or she seems to be asleep, but his or her eyes are open.

12 The child watched the laundry as if in a trance. Would you be in a trance while riding a roller coaster? I was in a trance as I listened to a long speech. trance

13 * Would your parents like you to be in a trance when they are asking you questions about your day? * If you were watching a movie as if you were in a trance, would you be enjoying the movie? trance

14 route When you follow the same route to school or to the store every day, then you are going the same way each time.

15 Ricky retraced his route that he took home. Who might use the same route everyday- a mail carrier or a police officer? route

16 * What route did you take to get school today? * Do we take the same route to the lunchroom everyday? route

17 semblance When you make a drawing or a picture that looks a lot like someone, than it is a good semblance of that person.

18 Ricky used shoe polish to make a semblance of a mustache. The student drew a picture that was a semblance of her teacher. semblance

19 * Why could a doll be a semblance of a person? * Would a baby’s drawing of you be a good semblance of you? * How could a twin be a good semblance of someone else? semblance

20 distraught When someone is distraught, it means that person is very, very unhappy.

21 Ricky was distraught when he couldn’t find the mustache. My friend was distraught because he got poor grades on his report card. distraught

22 * Would you be smiling if you were distraught? * What kinds of events make a person distraught? distraught

23 improvise If you improvise, then you are making it up as you go along.

24 Ricky tried to improvise to make a mustache. Would you improvise if you forgot your lines in a play or if you missed your bus? improvise

25 * If you improvise a song, what are you doing? * How might a cook improvise a special dish? * If you are playing a game and following the directions very closely, are you improvising? improvise

26 The school bus driver drives the same _________ everyday. A. improvise B. route C. semblance D. trance

27 My daughter was ________ when she lost her soccer game. A. swirling B. trance C. wilting D. distraught

28 The plant in our classroom is starting to _________ because we forgot to water it. A. improvise B. flit C. wilt D. trance

29 The students were in a ________ as a teacher read a story about a lost dog. A. trance B. route C. semblance D. improvise

30 I forgot the words to the song, so I had to __________. A. swirl B. wilt C. improvise D. route

31 Tinkerbell __________ around the room. A. wilted B. distraught C. route D. flitted

32 My clay sculpture was a _______ of the Statue of Liberty. A. semblance B. route C. swirling D. wilting

33 The water in the toilet bowl _______ around and around. A. route B. improvised C. swirled D. trance

34 Can you read these words? 1. wilting 2. flitted 3. swirling 4. trance 5. route 6. semblance 7. distraught 8. improvise

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