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Orangeview JHS Library Orientation We’re Here to Help! Library Staff: Mrs. G, Library Teacher Ms. Buck, Library Technician

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1 Orangeview JHS Library Orientation We’re Here to Help! Library Staff: Mrs. G, Library Teacher Ms. Buck, Library Technician

2 Library Rules: Respect Others Use Library Voices No Food, Drink, or Gum Clean Up After Yourself All Classroom Rules Apply


4 Top Ten Reasons to Read Regularly 10Reading is the #1 predictor of academic success –Those who read more do better in school 9To learn to read--one must practice: your brain, like a muscle needs exercise, or it becomes weak! 8Those who read often are better at spelling 7By reading 20 minutes per day for one year, you will automatically learn 1000 new vocabulary words without studying

5 Top Ten Reasons to Read Regularly 6Increase your background knowledge 5Become a mini-expert in your favorite subject 4Students who read regularly do better on standardized tests 3You will finish your homework faster if you are a better reader 2Outstanding high school writers reported extensive summer reading AND the #1 Reason is………

6 Life 101 There is no instruction manual for life! There is more information than you can ever know! Find answers to important life questions Just for fun! Choose your destiny!

7 Be a life-long Learner Like life, children do not come with instruction manuals!

8 Also… It’s on the test!

9 Specific Content Standard being Addressed: California Language Arts Content Standards Grade 7 1.4 Identify topics, ask and evaluate questions, and develop ideas leading to inquiry, investigation and research 1.5 Give credit for both quoted and paraphrased information in a bibliography using a consistent and sanctioned format and methodology for citations

10 How we can help: Library Services Open at 7:15 a.m. A place to study or meet in small groups Free Bookmarks 4 Computers Check out Magazines and books Accelerated Reader Testing Closed at lunch (Except for Library Club) Closed at 3:30 p.m.

11 Library Searches The library catalog is called the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) You can search for a book by: –Author’s Last Name –Title –Subject –Key Word –Call Number

12 Searching the OPAC

13 Checking Out books You must have your ID card Books are checked out for 2 weeks Reference books are checked out Overnight To keep a book longer than 2 weeks, you must renew it. Overdue fines are $.20 per school Day

14 Fiction vs. Nonfiction Fiction (made up): Grouped by author’s last name May be about real events, but contain made up people May be completely made up Nonfiction (factual): Classified using the Dewey Decimal System Religion Philosophy Medicine Historical Events Biographies Social Issues Reference Materials

15 Dewey Decimal System 000-099 Generalities 100-199 Philosophy 200-299 Religion 300-399 Social Science 400-499 Languages 500-599 Sciences 600-699 Technology 700-799 Arts 800-899 Literature 900-999 History 000-999 Reference

16 000’s Generalities Guinness Book of World Records Computers Internet Encyclopedias Almanacs UFO’s

17 100’s Philosophy & Psychology Chicken Soup for the Soul books 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Coping With: –Shyness –Anger –Family Stress

18 200’s Religion Egyptian, Greek and Roman Mythology World Mythology Judaism Christianity Buddhism Mormon Muslim

19 300’s Social Sciences Social Issues: Gangs Terrorism Coping With –Street Gangs –Teen Suicide –Difficult Teachers Environment Fairytales and folktales Holidays

20 400’s Language Grammar Books Dictionaries: German Spanish French Russian Japanese Korean Cambodian Rhyming

21 500’s Sciences Math Astronomy Chemistry Physics Life Science Wild Animal Books Science Experiments

22 600’s Technology Anatomy Medicine Diseases Airplanes Cars Cookbooks Domestic Animals (dogs, cats, horses)

23 700’s Arts and Recreation Art books How to Draw Television and Movies Graphic Novels Manga Sports History People Rules

24 800’s Literature Poetry Plays How to write Classics Shakespeare Homer Virgil

25 900’s History Historical events: The Holocaust Medieval Times 920 Collected Biography 921 Biography State Books Country Books

26 Reference Dewey order Encyclopedias Almanacs Dictionaries Volume Sets: The Middle Ages

27 Library Activity Groups of 3 1.Fiction – Use OPAC 2.Non-Fiction – Browse Shelves 3.Reference – Use the Index Bring book to group and complete worksheet together

28 MLA Citations Book: Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title of the book underlined. Place of Publication: Publisher. Copyright year. Encyclopedia: Author’s Last Name, First Name (if available – if no author is available, start with article title). “Article Title in Quotation Marks.” Title of the Encyclopedia underlined. Edition number. Copyright year.

29 The Easy Way


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