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Porter Library Orientation

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1 Porter Library Orientation
What’s in YOUR library? Miss Krantz School Library Media Specialist

2 What do you need to know? Library rules and procedures
What resources do we have in the library? Where to find & how to use those resources (how to be resourceful!)

3 Library Rules— What do the Universals look like in the library?

4 FICTION Fiction books are stories invented by the author. They can be based around historical events or truth, but the author has imagined/created the story.

5 Audiobooks Audiobooks are mostly in CD format, though there are a few cassettes and PlayAways.

6 Graphic Novels/ Manga The Graphic Novels and Manga are now located near the circulation (checkout) desk. They are sorted alphabetically by title.

7 Easy Books Picture books and children’s stories are located by the double glass doors.

8 Non Fiction DEWEY OVERVIEW: 000 – Generalities
100 – Philosophy/psychology 200 – Religion 300 – Social sciences 400 – Language 500 – Science & Math 600 – Technology 700 – Arts and recreation 800 – Literature 900 – History and geography Non Fiction Non Fiction books are based on facts, real events, and/or real people. They are sorted by Dewey call number.

9 Biographies Biographies are accounts of people’s life stories. They are shelved at the end of our Non Fiction sections, on the short shelf near the glass doors. Biographies are sorted by the last name of the person the biography is about.

10 Magazines The most recent issue of the magazine is in a plastic binder and is library use only until a new issue comes out. All past issues can be checked out for 1 week. You may have two magazines checked out at a time.

11 Reference Reference books are for use in the library. They include:
Dictionary & Thesaurus Encyclopedias Atlases & Maps Indian Ed. Materials, and more

12 CHECK OUT Line up quietly at counter—give your last name
All books check out for 2 weeks Books can be renewed, unless there is a hold on the book Magazines (other than current issue) check out for 1 week You may have 2 magazines at a time You may check out up to 5 items at a time If you have lost or overdue items, your checkout may be restricted Stamp your book with due date

13 COMPUTERS The library has 14 computers.
All school rules/acceptable use policies apply to these computers. Tuck in chairs when finished. Wireless printing: For school projects. Ask if printing more than 10 pages.

14 OTHER Pencil sharpener is located by double doors
Keep your library clean—use trash cans! Get permission from teacher or librarian before using alternate seating (couches, window seats, desks)

15 Questions?

16 Quiz Time! How many items can you have out at one time?
Which magazines cannot be checked out? Where are the graphic novels? Point to the biographies. What do you have to do before sitting on the couch or window seats?

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