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Caitlin Brown, LLMSW & Rachel Lathrop, LMSW Wayne State University School of Social Work Center for Social Work Research.

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1 Caitlin Brown, LLMSW & Rachel Lathrop, LMSW Wayne State University School of Social Work Center for Social Work Research

2 Specialized database program for storing and managing bibliographic references Allows you to export references directly from online catalog and online databases and import into EndNote database Enables users to integrate bibliographic citations within word processing documents

3  Learn basic Endnote functions Creating an Endnote Library Manually adding records to an Endnote Library Link saved.pdf file articles to an EndNote Library entry Using Endnote to find full text articles Creating Groups in Endnote to organize references Automatically sorting articles into groupings Export Records from Online Databases into an Endnote Library Create a bibliography from EndNote library entries Use EndNote to insert citations into a manuscript

4  Download EndNote X7 WSU C&IT Download Center: nload  View Endnote Tutorials Endnote Training Website Guides and videos on the WSU library website: Endnote Online User Guide:  Endnote Web

5 Click on the Endnote icon on your desktop- or select in programs menu To create a new EndNote library click File>New… Important: Endnote will automatically open the last library used. So make sure to close that one and start a new one if needed.

6 Select an appropriate folder Name your new library Click Save Type name of Endnote Library here Click this icon until you see the folder where you would like to store your Endnote Library

7 Important: Once a library is created it creates an associated data file which stores all the citation info & PDFs Don’t move or rename one without moving the other or your library won’t open!

8 Your new library will open, ready to enter citations.

9 Select “Select another style” from the Toolbar drop-down and click on “APA 6 th Edition” (this will format all references in APA style)

10  Select the “style” for your citation—APA, MLA, etc.  Open EndNote  Select Edit from Drop-Down Menu  Select Output Styles  Select Open Style Manager  Locate Style and Click in box (a checkmark will appear)  Citation Style has been added  You can edit a style by double-clicking on the name or clicking Edit in the bottom right

11 Select “References” from the Toolbar and click on “New Reference” (or use CTRL+N from the keyboard) Your can also start a new reference by clicking the (+) sign in green.

12 Click the to save the record and close the New Reference entry window A blank entry form appears. Enter the bibliographic detail in the appropriate fields. Select the reference type (journal article, book, etc.)

13 Use the Hide/Show Tab Pane to see the citation in the selected style To view a citation (and to be sure it is added in the correct format) click on the citation and review the citation in the “preview” box below.

14 Select “Global” symbol You will be given many options on database sources to use You can only use free available databases, i.e.: PubMed US Natl. Institutes of Health Wayne State University Catalog Select database and enter your search options Endnote will display how many articles are found within your search parameters

15 Highlight reference that you would like to group together- to select more than one (click+ hold down control) After all are highlighted- right click Add references to - create custom group Type the name of custom group (e.g. homelessness) Highlighted references will be grouped into a folder Alternately, drag & drop references to a group you already created

16 Right- click over “My Groups” Select Smart Group Type in next to Author “Shih” Press Enter The Smart Group will automatically pull any articles into it from Author- Shih In future online searches, all articles by this author imported into your Endnote file will automatically populate your Smart Group You can use this command to sort articles within the database by author, date or keyword- (*) is used to truncate words in keyword search or sort

17 Mark record(s) you would like to add to your library and click on ‘Export’

18 Select Endnote

19 When your Endnote file is open, the items will automatically be added to your Endnote library!

20 Mark record you would like to add to your library and click on ‘Cite’ Same as Proquest

21 Your citations are imported into EndNote. If you already have an EndNote library open, it will go into that EndNote Library. Otherwise, you will be asked to select a library to import the citations into. You must have a library created before you import citations. You will only see the imported references. Select All References or CTRL-M to see all of the references in your library.

22 Double click on a citation, or perform this tasks when manually entering a citation The citation information will appear Click the paperclip OR Scroll towards the bottom where you will find “file attachments” Highlight this section (click on it) Right click Go to ‘File attachments’ Click ‘Attach file’ Find file on hard-drive and attach.

23 Go to Edit>Preferences>Find Full Text In OpenURL Path, enter In Authenticate with: URL, enter Click on OK

24 Select all the references for which you want to find full texts (CRTL+A for all) Right click>Find Full Text Important: Make sure you authenticate first!! (sign in with WSU Access ID & password) Then click Find Full Text

25 Under Find Full Text in left panel you will see status of search A paperclip will appear next to articles for which Endnote found PDFs

26 Open a word document. Go to Endnote X7 in top toolbar Click ‘Insert Citation’ You must have an Endnote Library open Specify key word (e.g. author) and it will populate a matching list of references from the Endnote Library Select the citation style

27 Bibliographic reference automatically generated at the end of your document You can also do this by clicking Go to Endnote and click on the reference you want in the Endnote Library What it looks like in your Word document

28 Same instructions as for inserting a citation except select Insert in Bibliography Only You can also right click a citation in Endnote– select copy formatted and paste into your reference list

29 Select the proper output style Select the entries for the bibliography Select Edit  Copy Formatted from the menu bar (or CTRL-K) Open your Word document Right click and select paste or CRTL+V

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