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FL NENA Education Committee

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1 FL NENA Education Committee
ENP Study Group Introduction FL NENA Education Committee

2 FL NENA Education Committee.
Study group sponsor: FL NENA Education Committee.

3 ENP Exam The ENP Exam is a comprehensive assessment of your knowledge in the industry. For more information on requirements to take the exam, application, testing dates, testing fees, and to order an ENP study guide, visit the National NENA Website at

4 ENP Study Group Guidelines
The ENP Study Group is designed to prepare participants for taking the National NENA ENP Exam. Study group participation does not guarantee successful completion of the exam. The study group is voluntary and is not a requirement to take the ENP Exam. Study group participants should only sign up the for the ENP test when he/she feels they are ready

5 ENP Study Group Guidelines
There is NO fee for participation in the study group. Study group participants are NOT required to be a NENA member. Study group participation does not mandate that the participant take the next scheduled ENP Test. There are no minimum number of participants to hold a study group.

6 ENP Study Group Guidelines
The ENP Study Group is a good way to learn even if you don’t qualify to take the ENP Exam. Those that have committed to being a participant should make every attempt to attend regular scheduled meetings. If you would like to sign up or need to drop out of the study group, please contact: Laurie Anderson at or by

7 Study Resources ENP Reference Manual – This can be purchased on line at NENA Master Glossary of Terminology Study group power points.

8 Practice Throughout the study group, you will be provided with several opportunities to test your knowledge. (online and in person at the APCO/NENA conference in May) National NENA also offers a practice exam for $ For more information on how to take the National NENA ENP practice test, click on the following link.

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