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Session Title Presented by: Presenter name(s), Institution(s)/Company(s) September xx, 2014.

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1 Session Title Presented by: Presenter name(s), Institution(s)/Company(s) September xx, 2014

2 About This Template This template was created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Sample slides with instructions have been added for you as a guide. The “rules of etiquette” slide is optional – feel free to edit or delete. 2Session Title

3 Reminders Session handouts - mandatory – Final materials are due by August 13. – Slides will be posted to a password-protected page on the conference website for attendees to download and use as handouts during your session. Naming your files – Use the following format for your PowerPoint: Session X – Session Title (example: Session 3 – 101 Ways to Make HR Great.pptx). – Use the following format for support materials: Session X – Session Title 1 (example: Session 2 – The Latest in Washington Regulations1.docx). Submitting your PowerPoint and supporting material – E-mail to Frequently Asked Questions – Visit for answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding presentations. 3Session Title

4 About the Title Slide Please edit four items on the title slide by inserting: 1.Your session title 2.Presenter information 3.Date your presentation is scheduled 4.Footer (in the Insert tab, click Header & Footer) Your session title must match what is found on the conference website: 4Session Title

5 Session Rules of Etiquette Please silence your cell phone. If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible. Please avoid side conversation during the session unless encouraged to engage with your peers. Thank you for your cooperation! 5Session Title

6 Introduction Introduce yourself. State the purpose of your presentation. Need tips for strengthening your presentation? Check out this summary of Dr. John Medina’s “Brain Rules” for presenters: presenters presenters 6Session Title

7 Agenda State the main ideas you’ll be talking about. Itemize all topics you plan to cover as they fit within your objectives. 7Session Title

8 Objectives List the benefits/takeaways of attending this session by creating 2-3 learning objectives for conference participants. – These can be taken from your presentation proposal. – Example: You will be able to define _______ and apply _______ guidelines when you return to your institution. 8Session Title

9 Topic #1 Consider using the title slide as you transition from one topic/agenda item to the next.

10 Topic #1 Insert details on this topic. Add supporting information and examples. Relate the topic to your learners. 10Session Title

11 Takeaways Summarize the key points you want your learners to remember. Restate session objectives/takeaways. 11Session Title

12 Questions Be sure to leave about 10-15 minutes for questions from your audience. 12Session Title

13 Thank You Presenter Name(s) email (optional) Please complete the online evaluation form for this session. CUPA-HR will e-mail session evaluations to you today. 13Session Title

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