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Membership is the Key to Your Clubs’ Success! District 4 Conference Pittsburgh 2013 Joanne Raymond Lt Governor Lori Robinson Area 2 Director.

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1 Membership is the Key to Your Clubs’ Success! District 4 Conference Pittsburgh 2013 Joanne Raymond Lt Governor Lori Robinson Area 2 Director

2 Zonta is an International organization that is “Engaging Women through leadership, service and advocacy all around the world”

3 ZI Membership Trends Increase in August 2013 compared to August 2011 by 2.31%.

4 ZI Membership Trends Total new and reinstated members decreased by 2.15%.

5 ZI Membership Trends Resignations decreased by 7.47%.

6 District 4 Membership Trends

7 The Keys Recruitment Retain Rejuvenate

8 The basis of a thriving Zonta Club is a vibrant membership and the key to a vibrant membership is a growing membership Adding new members means increased options and a larger group of potential workers and leaders All members of your club should be involved in the recruitment of new members

9 Recruitment How do we do this? How do we get the message out? How do we find “dedicated and committed” women? Why would a professional woman want to join Zonta? What makes Zonta different from other organizations?

10 Enthusiastic involvement by all members of the club Sharing knowledge about Zonta’s mission, objects and goals Providing outstanding programs that attract women Being involved as a club on worthwhile service projects in our community Providing complete information regarding the expectations of potential members Allowing potential members to attend several meetings prior to joining so that they understand the expectations of a member

11 Key Talk What worked for you in your quest for new members? Share your ideas with us! How do we engage younger members? Wear a “Z” every day!

12 Retention Mentor them Involve them Value them

13 Mentoring Program? Helps the new member recognize their abilities and strengths Provides suggestions for opportunities for growth Opens doors that might not have been available Helps to introduce you to members of the club and community Provides professional, personal and emotional support and increased Zonta involvement

14 MENTORS ROLE Facilitate a welcoming attitude for the New member by: Meeting her at the meeting Calling to remind her before each meeting Introducing her to other members Encouraging her to sit with different groups at each meeting Ensuring that she participates on a committee (or 2) and explaining their work to her Encourage her to participate in Zonta social functions.

15 5 STEPS TO GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR MENTORSHIP 1. Meet regularly (in person, over the telephone or via e-mail) 2. Communicate and discuss some of the issues around Zonta at both the local and international level 3. Look for specific opportunities that maximize the relationship with each other and with Zonta 4. Evaluate the process based on your goals 5. Acknowledge success and adjust for improvements in either the relationship with each other and Zonta

16 Involve Invite the new members to participate on a committee that they have an interest in or will give them in site to the working of the club (each club may have a key project or signature event that pulls the club together) Make sure that they are invited to participate in any social events coming up to make them feel welcome Engagement 101

17 Value Find out what each member values and why they joined Club recognition for achievement, success and involvement in area and district projects Celebrate all milestones like birthdays, years of service-volunteering

18 Key Talk Does your club have a mentorship program? How do you assign mentors ? How long do you mentor a new member?

19 Rejuvenate Why is this important? How can we do this?

20 Rejuvenate What brought us together? What made us a great club? Sharing your did wells Visit other clubs Create excitement!!!!! Why are we tired? Change it up

21 Key Talk What social events have you organized? What service projects have you participated in other than Birthing Kits? What advocacy projects have you completed or are considering ?

22 What Keys Do You Have to unlock the three R’s? Social media  New Member Presentation (Welcome to Zonta) | 2012- 2014 ols.  Club websites, Facebook and Twitter  District 4 website membership page PR –Business cards, club brochures, community events, service projects, fundraisers Mentoring –Mentoring dinner, new member orientation, member surveys to assess if needs are being met

23 More Useful Keys ZI and District 4 Membership Manuals Area Meetings and District Conferences –Workshops, education on international projects, networking with other Zontians District Zing Fund –District assistance for membership events for clubs under 2o members Most effective? One-on-one! Wear a “Z” every day!

24 Keys to remember The most important position in Zonta is being a member! Find them! Keep them! Thank them! Most importantly, we cannot accomplish Zonta’s mission without members! You now have access to the keys to open the doors

25 Our District 4 Goal To have thriving clubs with a vibrant and growing membership Increase 2.5 % in the District this biennium Remember our District 4 Goal:

26 Remember: Always at the forefront should be Zonta’s mission and the difference we make in the world! Share the message!

27 Thank you for participating in the Workshop Membership is the Key to Your Clubs’ Success! Joanne and Lori

28 MEMBERSHIP TOOLS Membership Incentive Eligibility and Instructions | docdoc Membership Incentive Form for Club Presidents "First Form" | docdoc Membership Incentive Form for SOM Committee Chairman "Second Form" | docdoc Participating Members | docdoc Membership Brochures English | pdfpdf French | pdfpdf German | pdfpdf Italian | pdfpdf Japanese | pdfpdf Spanish | pdfpdf Recruitment & Retention Prospective Member Questionnaire | mail-in | online form mail-inonline form Prospective Member Referral | online form online form Prospective Member Presentation | ppt | script (Use this presentation and accompanying script for membership recruiting events. You can also customize it with local photos and information) pptscript New Member Presentation (Welcome to Zonta) | 2012- 2014 ppt | guidelines ppt guidelines Zonta Clubs In Formation | pdf (These are proposed new clubs in development that have been authorized by the district governor and are being Sponsored, Organized and Mentored (SOM) by a SOM Committee.) pdf Membership Planning Classification MEMBERSHIP TOOLS

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