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The Stock Market Game hs-business-explorations.

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1 The Stock Market Game hs-business-explorations

2 Instructions 1.You will be given $100,000 to invest. 2.You will have to make at least one trade per day, buying new shares and selling shares previously owned. –You will be charged a $10.00 transaction fee for each trade –You cannot buy stocks less than $2 and you can buy on margin with a 8% annual interest rate 3.Members will keep a portfolio page that lists all stocks purchase and sold with a short explanation of transaction decision. –The portfolio will be turned in at the end of game in May.

3 To create a new account –Click on games –Become a new member –Follow the steps (use your school email) ( If you already have an account, Log In Getting Started

4 Once you have logged in, you can join a class –Go to: business-explorations business-explorations –Enter password: FHS2012 Joining our games

5 Making a Trade Go to trading tab –As you type it will look up the company –Info on the stock will pop up, drag and drop into the trading card. –Use slider to adjust the number of shares you want to purchase

6 Other helpful resources Utilizing the Virtual Stock Exchange

7 Every time you buy a stock, you need to fill out a stock page. Supply information that supports your reasons for choosing the stock, including articles and stats. –Use the research tab on the game as well as previous knowledge to make an educated decision

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