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3 /nets-for-students.aspx

4 Grad Profile Use 21 st Century Learning Tools Think Critically & Solve Problems Listen, Communicate & Interact Effectively NETS-S Communication & Collaboration Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making Technology Operations & Concepts

5 NETS-S Adopted by SBOE (February 2011 Developed Scope & Sequence Performance Tasks – 400 lessons aligned to GPS & NETS-S for grades K-8 Implementing the 21 st Century Skills Assessment

6 Posted in ANGEL

7 /standards/Pages/NETS-S- Performance-Tasks.aspx

8 Ready? Set. Go!

9 A performance and knowledge based assessment 6 schools participated in the pilot assessment window in November 2 participating in the “regular” assessment window in February

10 Ex: You want to find out which company makes the best telescopes. Which website will give you the best information? A.The Acme Telescope Company’s website, which includes user comments and reviews about the telescopes they manufacture. B.A wiki and online community made up of astronomers and amateur telescope users around the world. C.A website that links to a live feed from a telescope in a local observatory. D.The website of a local astronomer that is sponsored by ads from the Total Telescope Company.



13 2 Districts Scored Proficient: Forsyth Fulton


15 Areas for focus: – Technology Operations & Concepts – Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making – Communication and Collaboration

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