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Subject Pronouns and Ser

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1 Subject Pronouns and Ser

2 Subject Pronouns in Spanish
A pronoun takes the place of the noun. A subject pronoun takes the place of the subject. We will be learning the subject pronouns in Spanish.

3 Subject Pronouns in Spanish
Singular Plural I – Yo We – Nosotros / as You (familiar) – tú You (formal) - Usted You (plural, only used in Spain) – Vosotros / as You (plural used everywhere) – Usted He – él She - ella They (masculine and mixed gender) – Ellos They (feminine only) – Ellas 1st person 2nd person 3rd person

4 Conjugation Verbs in English have to agree with the subject of a sentence. The same is true with verbs in Spanish. This is called subject/verb agreement. In order to show what subject pronoun goes with what form of the verb we conjugate the verb.

5 Conjugation of the verb Ser
Ser – “to be” Singular Plural Yo soy (I am) Nosotros / as somos (we are) Tú eres (you are) Usted es (you are) Vosotros / as sois (you (pl) are) Usted son (you (pl) are) Él es (he is) Ella es (she is) Ellos son (they are) Ellas son (they are) 1st person 2nd person 3rd person

6 Ser Now we are able to use conjugation to talk about anyone on the planet. Remember: The word for from is “de.” On your notes please create five sentences telling me where the following people are from (make up the places). Example: Gerald Gerald es de St. Paul. Dave Esteban and I Jessica, James and you Freddie and Chipper Amber

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