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Topic: Conjugating –ar verbs

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1 Topic: Conjugating –ar verbs
Essential Question: How do I converse correctly using –ar verbs in the present tense? Gramática 2.2 Español 1

2 Key Terms Subject – WHO or WHAT the sentence is about
Felix listens in class. Verb – The action of a sentence Felix listens in class Infinitive – The original form of a verb, without a subject, ends in –r in Spanish escuchar – “to listen” trabajar – “to work”

3 Making Connections: What’s wrong with these sentences?
I’m happy that I speaks Spanish. Señorita Spetly teach Spanish at Harlan. They are not grammatically correct because the verbs are not CONJUGATED correctly

4 Making Connections: I’m happy that I speak Spanish.
Señorita Spetly teaches Spanish at Harlan. Now the sentences are grammatically correct because the verbs are CONJUGATED correctly according to the subject.

5 What is conjugation? Conjugating a verb is the process of changing the verb ending so that it AGREES with the subject. Example: I speak Spanish. She speaks Spanish too.

6 Conjugating in Spanish
In Spanish, there are three types of verbs (infinitives): --ar verbs (hablar, estudiar, etc.) --er verbs (comer, beber, etc.) --ir verbs (escribir, compartir, etc.) Regular verbs are conjugated the same way according to the type of infinitive

7 Subject pronouns – REVIEW:
SINGULAR: Yo – I Tú – You (familiar) Él – He Ella – She Usted – You (formal)

8 Conjugating –ar verbs in the present tense
Here’s how you form the present tense of verbs that end in –ar: Start with the infinitive  hablar DROP the –ar  habl ( stem) ADD the appropriate ending to the stem of the verb

9 Conjugation Table: What’s added to the stem of the verb?
(yo) --o (tú) --as (él / ella usted) --a Singular forms of verbs

10 Talking about yourself (yo)
So what are you saying? Talking about yourself (yo) Yo hablo español. (hablar) I speak Spanish. Escucho la música. (escuchar) I listen to music.

11 Talking directly to someone (tú)
So what are you saying? Talking directly to someone (tú) ¿Hablas español? (hablar) Do you speak Spanish? Tú escuchas la música. (escuchar) You listen to music.

12 Talking about someone (él/ella)
So what are you saying? Talking about someone (él/ella) Mi mamá no habla español. (hablar) My mom doesn’t speak Spanish. Ana escucha la música. (escuchar) Anna listens to music.

13 Práctica Conjugate ‘estudiar’ Yo – Tú – Antonio – ‘Estudiar’
Yo estudio Tú estudias Antonio estudia

14 Práctica Conjugate ‘contestar’ Yo– Tú (informal) – Él – Usted (formal)
Contesto Contestas Contesta

15 Conjugate the verbs in the paragraph:
Hola, me llamo CiCi. Yo (hablar) _1._ español en mi clase. Yo (tomar) _2._ apuntes todos los días y siempre (escuchar) _3._ a la maestra. En mi clase de español, mi amigo Danilo (contestar) _4._todas las preguntas. ¿Y tú, (estudiar) _5._ español también? 

16 Conjugate the verbs in the paragraph:
_1. hablo _2. tomo _3. escucho _4. contesto _5. estudias

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