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2 Schinnerer’s Builders’ Risk This tutorial will show you how to quote and issue a Builders Risk policy. Nine steps of a Schinnerer quote: Step 1: Insured Name and Property Under Construction Address Step 2: Builder Information and Eligibility Step 3: Property Information Step 4: Project and Coverage Information Step 5: Additional Coverage Step 6: Optional Coverage Step 7: Wind (required depending on state) Step 8: Additional Interest Step 9: Billing For assistance please call 904-565-2949 HOW TO QUOTE AND ISSUE A BUILDERS RISK POLICY

3 Click on “Quote” to submit a new quote and view all pending quotes

4 Click on “Programs” to submit a new application/quote

5 Submit New Application will start the quote process

6 Provide the Insured Name and the Property Under Construction Address Provide the Insured’s Mailing Address Provide contact information for the Insured

7 The quote has now been assigned a quote number. This box provides navigational tools. Please note the email function is currently under development and is not working at this time. When you hover over a blue question mark additional information will show.

8 If you have additional losses to add select ‘Add another record to section’. If you need to remove or correct information you will select ‘Delete / Edit’.

9 Step 3 is collecting property information. Please provide the county for the property under construction.

10 Step 4 is asking project and coverage questions. The blue question marks provide additional information!

11 All the additional coverages are listed and provide the limits included in the Schinnerer Builders Risk policy. Some limits may be increased. Select the amount to be increased from the drop down menu.

12 Step 6 lists the available optional coverages

13 Step 7 is only required in the states listed. You can skip step 7 if the property under construction is not in one of these states.

14 Step 8 is where you will add Additional Interests. Please make sure to provide a name and a valid mailing address.

15 If you have another Additional Interest to add select ‘ Add another record to section’. If you need to correct something in an existing additional interest you will need to select delete/edit. This will give you a chance to correct or remove information.

16 Step 9 is setting up the billing. Options are direct bill or broker bill. Total premium is due within 10 days of effective date.

17 Now you must select an effective date. The system will default to seven days from today’s date. Make sure to update with the correct effective date. The requested effective date must be within 60 days from today. The Coverage & Premium Quote Summary shows all the questions and responses given during the quote process. Make sure to review the data before you hit submit.

18 Continuation of the Coverage and Premium Quote. Make sure to review the data. If you need to make corrections you can select previous from the navigation box on the top of this screen.

19 The Email function is under development. It is not working at this time. When you are ready to submit select that you agree to the terms and conditions. Then hit Submit Application. Nothing is saved until you hit submit application. Make sure not to close out of this window without hitting submit! Terms and Conditions are located in the Resource Center on the home page.

20 Once the application is submitted this screen will appear for a few seconds. Once the quote/application is completed the Quote Submitted screen will appear. Once the quote is submitted an email will be sent to you with the quote letter.

21 Here is an example of a quote letter.

22 Click on quotes when you are ready to issue the quote.

23 From the quotes tab click ‘show’ From the search box you can search by Client Name or Policy Number. Until the quote is issued the quote number is the policy number.

24 Here is the information for the quote. When you are ready to issue the policy, select the box next to Builders Risk Single Project. (If optional coverages are included they will be listed separately. Make sure to select both the Builders Risk Single Project and the optional coverage shown.) Hit Issue Policy. This will issue the policy and the quote will disappear from the page. An email will be sent to you with a copy of the policy and all appropriate forms.

25 Schinnerer’s Builders Risk Thank you for completing this tutorial. We look forward to working with you! For assistance call 904-565-2949 or email HOW TO QUOTE AND ISSUE A BUILDERS RISK POLICY


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