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August 2014 Liver quest User Demo: Liver Quality Enhancement Service Tool (QuEST)

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1 August 2014 Liver quest User Demo: Liver Quality Enhancement Service Tool (QuEST)

2 Introduction The following slides have been developed to support Liver services to: –Fill out a Liver QuEST assessment online –Complete an Action Plan –Understand the results dashboard –Access and use the Liver QuEST KMS database Please contact the Liver QuEST team at if you require any further assistance

3 The Liver QuEST Website can be found at Home Page

4 Log in is required to access Assessment and KMS functionality. If you do not have a log in account you may request one from Home Page

5 Enter your Username and Password and click Log In If you have forgotten your password, click here and enter your username to have it reset Log in screen

6 Once logged in, you will have access to more pages via the menu bar Logged-in View

7 Print Standards It is recommended that you print out a copy of the form and fill it out offline and then nominate a team member to enter your responses online. You can download a printable copy of the form by selecting Print Standards from the My QuEST menu.

8 Hover your mouse over the My QuEST tab and click Assessments Starting a QuEST Assessment

9 Click New Assessment to bring up the first page of the form Starting a QuEST Assessment

10 Filling out your Assessment The levels of each Measure is indicated in the column on the right Carefully consider each Measure and tick Yes or No according to whether or not the service achieves it

11 Navigating the Assessment Form Use the drop-down box to navigate through the Standards in a Domain. The Standards will turn green when all measures have been responded to. Please complete the mandatory standards only.

12 Navigating the Assessment Form Click on a Domain button to navigate to that Domain. When you have filled in the responses for a Domain the button will turn blue and display a tick.

13 Viewing Supporting Information To view Supporting evidence Information relating to the whole standard click the icon to its right. This will load the window in the next slide.

14 Viewing Supporting Information Clicking the icon loads this window. You will see additional information about the standard and how to demonstrate it. Additional information can be printed separately from the homepage

15 Navigating the Assessment Form Note that your responses will automatically be saved whenever you navigate to a new page. You can also navigate between the standards in order using the Previous and Next buttons

16 Signing Off Your Assessment Once all the mandatory standards have been completed, click Sign Off Assessment.

17 Signing Off Your Assessment This will load the Sign Off page. Scroll to the bottom to see the Personnel form (below). You must enter the names, job titles and email addresses of three individuals who have been involved in the Assessment process.

18 You may provide feedback on a Measure by clicking on the feedback icon adjacent to it to load the window on the next slide Submitting Measure Feedback

19 Enter your feedback in the box Click Save Comment Click Close The feedback will automatically be sent to the Liver QuEST team

20 Signing Off Your Assessment To add an individual, enter their details here then click the green button They will appear in the list on the right

21 Signing Off Your Assessment To remove an individual, click their name in the list to highlight it and click the red button When you have added three names, click Sign Off Assessment. Once signed off, you will not be able to return to the form to edit it.

22 Assessment Summary Page After signing off you will be directed to the Assessment Summary page, from which you may use the Action Planning functionality. Click Print your self assessment to download a printable document containing your list of responses.

23 Assessment Summary Page You can also access the Assessment Summary screen by going to the Assessments screen (under the My QuEST tab) and clicking this icon next to your assessment

24 Action Planning On the Assessment Summary page this icon will appear by each Standard for which you have not responded Yes to all Measures. Click it to complete an Action Plan for that Standard. The window on the following slide will appear.

25 Results Dashboard After your first assessment the Baseline row of the dashboard will be populated for the mandatory standards. Each Column refers to one of the 10 Standards, hover your mouse over the number at the top to see the name of the Standard.

26 Results Dashboard The colour of each box indicates your progress towards achieving all the Measures in the current Phase of that Standard. The Baseline row relates to Phase 1 Measures Green means you responded Yes to all the Measures Yellow means you responded Yes to some Measures Blue means you responded No to all Measures The date in the box indicates the month the result reflects

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