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D ata C ollection S olutions Presented By: I & R Partners, LLC. … because data collection doesnt have to be hard!

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1 D ata C ollection S olutions Presented By: I & R Partners, LLC. … because data collection doesnt have to be hard!


3 T he C hallenge How can manufacturers... 1.Collect critical shopfloor data 2.Minimize errors and labor intensive operations 3.Provide the operator with the information necessary to control the manufacturing process 4.Present data in a real-time format to Quality, Manufacturing, and Administration 5.Operate in an environment that is not conducive to standard desktops or laptops

4 I s T here a S olution ? Will innovative technologies such as... Rugged handheld PC portability Windows CE.NET power & flexibility Color touch screen Wireless networking Data collection & SPC Gage interfacing Barcode imaging …solve our problems?

5 W e T hink S o Introducing the DC-9005…

6 P ublished a rticles June 2005 (Quality Innovations)November 2005 October 2006February 2007

7 E verything A n O perator N eeds The DC-9005 is capable of collecting both variables and attributes (Pro & Ultra models) With the programmable display prompts, and the audio/visual alarms, the possibility of errors by operators is greatly reduced. Drawings can also be displayed, providing the operator with a visual reference of progression

8 G age I nterfacing Almost any digital, serial, or analog gage can be connected to the DC-9005 Multiplexers provide multi-gage operation Manual data entry can be done by way of the DC- 9005s user-friendly keypad

9 C ollect D ATA F rom M any D ifferent I nstruments

10 T raceability T ags Four user-definable, traceability tags (i.e. operator, lot number, machine, etc…) can be input via the keypad, pick list, or barcode imager, and utilized to track and arrange data for analysis and problem solving in real-time. Process Adjustments can be entered at anytime

11 W arnings & C auses Trend Analysis may be performed at the end of every subgroup. Assignable Causes address the violation. Corrective Action responses are noted. Comments can be entered if further explanation is needed.

12 C harts & S tatistics Variable Charts include Xbar / Range, Histogram, and Process Capability Bar Attribute Charts include C, P, Pareto, and the Weighted Pareto (Pro & Ultra Models) Statistics include Cp, Cpk, Cr, Ppk, mean, range, standard / estimated sigma, skewness, kurtosis

13 M ore T han J ust A D ata C ollector Intel® XScale PXA255 400MHz processor Windows CE.NET operating system Pocket-sized, battery-operated unit Weighs only 12.7 ounces 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networking Includes Internet Explorer browser Built-in barcode imager DC-Stat Shopfloor software installed Rugged IP54 rated enclosure Rated to endure repeated 4 drops onto concrete Interfaces to digital, serial, & analog gages

14 D ata T ransfer When utilizing wireless networking, data is exported automatically at the completion of every subgroup, while leaving historical data for charting purposes. Part programs (inspection routines) can be downloaded as well from the server. Part setups can be downloaded and data can be uploaded into any host PC via the included USB cable.

15 D ata A nalysis Data can be exported from the DC-9005 in a text (.dat) format, or a Microsoft Excel® (.csv) format, making it usable with practically any available off-the-shelf software package. A library of custom interfaces is available. I & R Partners will provide quotations for the customization of our software in order to accommodate your companys specific needs.

16 B uilt -I n B arcode I mager The barcode imager can be used to scan anything with a barcode, such as, operator, serial, lot, machine, and part numbers. It can also be used for both defect data collection and production or inventory control.

17 h elping I. T. g ain c ontrol Quality Control Inventory Control Production Control

18 O NE S YSTEM J UST M AKES C ENT $ One system provides for a single training curve, increasing the likelihood of operator enthusiasm One system, regardless of department, enables operators to be repositioned with much less effort One system throughout the entire facility allows for the borrowing of units in the event of an emergency One system furnishes you the luxury of a single contact in the event of system maintenance support One system affords you the opportunity to justify the cost over many departments rather than just one

19 V alue U nsurpassed How much did you use to pay for SPC data collectors? $3,000 - $5,000 How much does a shop-hardened handheld data collector cost for barcode applications? $2,000 - $5,000 How much could you pay for both? STARTING AT $1995

20 C an Y ou A fford H ave T he DC-9005? Estimated payback excluding accuracy & value of data for process improvement) 10.8 months Estimated cost for DC-9005 package$20,000.00 Labor savings per year from just one change$22,800.00 Total labor cost per year with DC-9005 automated system $67,200.00 Total labor cost per year for current system$90,000.00 N ot ToTo

21 BUS G et O n T he BUS Ten reasons to get on the BUS (Bundled Updates & Support) 1.DC-9005 hardware warranty, & support 2.DC-9005 software ( DC-Stat Shopfloor ) upgrades, warranty, & support 3.DC-Stat Administrator software upgrades, warranty, & support 4.All peripheral equipment such as cabling and multiplexers warranted 5.Unlimited phone support (normally $100/hr with 30 minutes minimum) 6.Access to our entire library of software interfaces currently developed 7.Five business day turn-around on warranty repair Quantity: 10+ DC-9005s 8.New gage interfacing (up to four hours of custom engineering per year) 9.New software interfacing (up to four hours of custom engineering per year) 10.Half-day on-site data collection consultation Ask how you can obtain a ONE-YEAR FREE BUS PASS with your DC-9005s! (Value equivalent to 15% of the retail price of all purchased DC-9005s)

22 C urrent C ustomers

23 T hank Y ou I & R Partners hopes this tour of the DC-9005s vast capabilities has been both enlightening as well as helpful to you and your company. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you in your data collection needs, and hope that it proves profitable, both to you and your customers in the future.

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