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Inference without the Engine!. What is EZ-Xpert 3.0? EZ-Xpert is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for creating fast and accurate rule-based.

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1 Inference without the Engine!

2 What is EZ-Xpert 3.0? EZ-Xpert is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for creating fast and accurate rule-based systems. EZ-Xpert elicits specifications from the user, algorithmically verifies them, refines them, and generates ready-to-compile-and-deploy code in C++ for Windows and Visual Basic. It is based on EZ-Xpert 2.0, which PC AI called the essential tool for anyone developing large, complex, high performance or mission critical intelligent components

3 Why EZ-Xpert? Development and maintenance by end users Fast, easy development and maintenance Most accurate implementations Highest implementation Speed Generates code in your development environment – C++ or VB (Java, CPPU, CPPL in V. 3.05) No inference engine to buy, learn, support, and implement on every CPU the implementation uses No need for expert systems consultants Application efficiency $aving$ throughout the life cycle

4 Speed of Development and Maintenance – Ease of Use Wizards, fill-in-the-blank screens, and the debugger lead the user through the process of building the application. EZ-Xpert then generates complete, ready-to- compile-and-deploy systems. The user writes no code and no verification testing is needed! Repository-based architecture and extensive verification almost eliminate testing. It is possible to build a complete 500 rule system in a single day.

5 Ease of Maintenance Only EZ-Xpert makes true end-user maintenance possible – and fast! Updating code, testing the application, and performing verification of an entire rule base is beyond the capabilities of almost all end users, so outside assistance is needed with traditional IE products. EZ-Xpert does verification automatically and generates ready-to-compile code, allowing end-users to maintain the application. Changes can be implemented in minutes!

6 The Debugger also leads you through the process of building the system.

7 Speed of Development and Maintenance – Automation Many processes that are usually done manually (or not done) are automated in EZ-Xpert. Verification of 23 criteria Conflict resolution – at development time! Rule base optimization Logical and Range simplification and code generation into C++ and Visual Basic!

8 Rules can be created with the Rule Xpert or the Rule Browser.

9 Accuracy How expert are your expert systems? Are you automating inaccuracy? EZ-Xpert verifies each component of the system as it is being built for 23 verification criteria, which fall in the classes of: Consistency (including confliction, subsumption) Completeness Domain and host language constraints Reachability Conciseness

10 Implementation Speed One of the major tasks performed by a conventional inference engine at run time is called Conflict Resolution – figuring out what to do next. EZ-Xpert does Conflict Resolution during development, dramatically simplifying the implementation. Applications can test 20,000 rules per second, and fire 1,000 rules per second - on a PC, not a workstation or mini-computer!

11 No Inference Engine (IE) If you use any IE, your expenses probably will include: Purchasing the IE Learning the IE programming language Learning how to successfully integrate and implement the IE Supporting the IE Arranging for IEs for every CPU your application runs on Consulting bills for middleware

12 No Consultants You might want AI Developers to create an initial system, or have one of your programmers write some code. But- You dont need to do exotic tricks in an obscure language – your programmers work in C++ or VB! No middleware! Toll free telephone support, email support, and one individualized internet training course for EZ-Xpert are included with your purchase. Along with free upgrades to every update of EZ-Xpert 3.x!

13 No Language Limitations EZ-Xpert generates code into your normal development environment, so the limitations of your EZ-Xpert application are the limitations of your language, not the limitations of an inference engine. EZ-Xpert provides internal support for ODBC databases and sensors, as well as passing values from the calling program, files, or user-defined code. Host language and user-defined functions may be used.

14 Application Efficiency EZ-Xpert-generated code is compiled into your application, not an external IE. Memory usage is minimized, and there is no memory intensive RETE algorithm. There is no latency when the code is called. An inference engine must load itself, load and parse the rules, and initialize, where EZ-Xpert initializes a few variables and RUNS! High speed and low memory needs may allow your application to run on a PC instead of a mini-computer – with the same performance!

15 Leveraging Intelligence EZ-Xpert code does not require any special care and feeding. No royalties, no special libraries, no licensing: its your code and you can do what you want to with it. You can put your EZ-Xpert generated application on every computer on the planet – or embed it in your commercial software – transparently and for free.

16 $aving$ on a 500 rule system (after purchase of development environment) EZ-XpertInference Engine Development Time 2 days / 250 rules per day 2 months / 10 rules per day Development Salaries $800 Expert, $0 Consulting $4k Expert, $125K Consulting IE Costs$0$0 to $35,000 per CPU Hardware$2,000$2,000 to $100,000


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