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The Widest Range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

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2 The Widest Range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
Baracoda Traceability Division serves markets Adding barcode scanning capabilities to mobile devices : Mobile and smart phones / PDA, etc… Cordless bar code scanning for in premise applications : Receiving shipments / Asset Management / Picking /Inventory / etc… Discover our complete set of APIs for a large variety of mobile plateforms (Windows Mobile, Blackberry, .Net, Palm, and Symbian) Discover our « Plug&Scan » Baracoda solution : instant connection of wireless barcode devices via a RS232 serial port or USB port adapter to the host without the need for any software. EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

3 The Widest Range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
Mobile Applications Field Force Automation / Asset Management / Merchandising / Parcel Logistic Main advantages Increase battery autonomy of your mobile device and gain several hours of working operations Protect your investment: No physical connection means no maintenance cost No need to change your scanner if you upgrade to a new mobile device Add scanning capability to heterogeneous devices. Easy handling even in very tight spaces. Internal non-volatile memory to store scanned data (Batch mode) Baracoda Provides Free of Charge API / DLL and Tools for a Large Variety of Mobile Devices EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

4 The Widest Range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
In-premise Applications Data collection in warehouse / Picking / Order Preparation / Inventory Management / Work-in-progress / Quality Control Main advantages 2 form factors to answer most cordless scanning requirements for in-premise applications. Instantly add barcode scanning to your existing system through USB or RS232 Bluetooth-enabled dongle thanks to Baracoda Plug & Scan concept. Benefit from Baracoda Manager Software that enables seamless configuration & management of your scanners. Bluetooth Class 1: up to 100 meters radio range Benefit from advanced Baracoda API/DLL functions. Offline & Batch modes available EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

5 The Widest Range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
BaracodaPencil Your suitable barcode companion for workforce in motion Sales Force Automation - Light Field Service applications Main features : •  Ergonomic design Can be used as a stylus on tactile screen Perfectly suitable for all scanning applications on flat surfaces, such as catalogues. Scanning distance : wand contact scanner Weight : 42g Battery life : up to 2,000 scans Batch capicity : up to 10,000 UPC barcodes Two versions available : Barcode Contact Scanner RFID MHz Reader/Encoder     EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

6 The Widest Range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
Cost-effective laser companion for occasional scanning Low to medium inventory management / Asset Tracking / Healthcare Applications / Field Services Main features : Small and Mobile Cost-Effective solution Perfectly suitable for all non-intensive scanning applcations  Scanning distance : 5 to 15 cm Weight : 105 g Battery life : up to 3,000 scans Batch capacity : up to 500 UPC barcodes      EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

7 The Widest Range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
Baracoda RoadRunners Designed for applications where form factor, weight and autonomy are key NEW Mobile applications : Field Services / Parcel Logistics / Asset Tracking / Merchandising In Premise applications : Picking / Order Preparation / Inventory Management / Work-in-Progress Main features : • Durable batteries • Rugged casing • Extended features : Timestamp, PDA stylus, etc... • Weight: 140 g • Battery life : up to 30,000 scans (CMOS 1D) • Batch capacity : up to 10,000 UPC barcodes with date and time stamped Resist to multiple 1.8m drops on concrete with protective boot Bluetooth Class 1 : Range up to 100 meters 2 versions available : CMOS 1D Linear : scanning distance 5 to 50 cm 2D Imager : scanning distance 5 to 33 cm EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

8 The Widest Range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
2604 Series The gun-shaped family that covers all your needs for intensive scanning Factory / Warehousing / Manufacturing / Inventory Management  1 design, 4 reading technologies according to your application requirements : Laser / Scanning distance : 7 to 53 cm Laser Long Range / Scanning distance : up to 6 meters CMOS 1D Linear / Scanning distance : 5 to 50 cm 2D Imager / Scanning distance : 5 to 33 cm Main features : Best design for intensive scanning operations Perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized entreprises Weight : 180g  Battery life : up to 12,000 scans (CMOS 1D) EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

9 Bluetooth RFID Encoder / Reader
IDBlue™ An efficient way to add RFID reader/encoder to Bluetooth PDA and mobile phones Access Control / Field Force Automation / Security Applications / Asset Management Unique pen-shaped ergonomic design  RFID MHz Encoder et Reader  Reading/Encoder distance up to 4cm ISO , -3, Tag-it, Philipps I-Code SLI  Bluetooth Class 2 (up to 15m) Can be also used as a stylus on tactile screen RFID engine powered by Cathexis Bluetooth powered by Baracoda Main features : EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

10 Integration Solutions
Baracoda proposes 3 ways to facilitate the integration of its Bluetooth scanners within any application & platform. Just choose the most suitable solution for you 1 – BaracodaManager For simple installation with Windows, PocketPC,, Symbian and Java platforms. A user-friendly software that allows you to easily operate Baracoda Barcode Scanners, including: Manage Bluetooth connections between a host device and Baracoda barcode scanners Configure and test Baracoda barcode scanners Interface Baracoda barcode scanners with your application program. Free download 2 – APIs Baracoda’s state-of-the-art APIs provide developers with all the features of BaracodaManager available as a library. No need to deal with Bluetooth protocol for an improved integration in your application software on multiple platforms: PC Windows, Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry, Tablet PC, SmartPhones. EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

11 3 - A Unique Concept The Plug & Scan Offer
Integration Solutions 3 - A Unique Concept The Plug & Scan Offer Get Started In Seconds No driver Installation Available for Pencil / RoadRunners and 2604 Family Automatic Connexion & Reconnection Works with Baracoda Serial & USB dongle EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

12 About Baracoda Baracoda is the world’s leading manufacturer of Bluetooth wireless barcode readers and promotes the development of data capture solutions for both Mobile and In premise applications in the retail, transportation and logistics industries as well as for all real-time traceability applications.  Baracoda's added value lies in the company's ability to provide customers and partners with appropriate, reliable, extremely competitive solutions suitable for all wireless environments.  Baracoda has proven expertise in the development of on-board software packages and the integration of radio modules, with specific skills in the management of power consumption, security, and the interoperability of systems. EMEA Catalogue Q3-Q4 2005

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