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4-Channel Network Video Recorder with HDMI Copyright © PLANET Technology Corporation. All rights reserved. NVR-420.

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1 4-Channel Network Video Recorder with HDMI Copyright © PLANET Technology Corporation. All rights reserved. NVR-420

2 Presentation Outline  Product Overview  Product Feature  Application  Management  Product Comparison 2 / 20

3 Product Overview  PLANET NVR Product Classification SMB SOHO Enterprise NVR-810 NVR-1610 32-Ch Rack Mount NVR 32-Channel Tower NVR NVR-3210 NVR-3250 NVR-401 8/16-Channel NVR 4-Channel NVR 4-Channel NVR with HDMI Display NVR-420 3 / 20

4  Device Front Panel NOTE: The system is shipped without HDD. Power LED Channel 1~4 LED Remote Control IR Receiver USB Connector Power Button HDD 1~2 LED Product Overview 4 / 20

5  Device Rear Panel HDMI Connector Ethernet Power Connector USB Connector System Fan Reset Button Composite Video Composite Audio Product Overview 5 / 20

6 Product Features  Product Features Auto Configuration for PLANET IP Camera Easy access with PLANTE Dynamic DNS Mobile Devices Remote Monitoring - iNVR Viewer HDMI local display up to 1080P ONVIF compliant for interoperability Simultaneous Recording and Live Video Streams Supports M-JPEG / MPEG-4 / H.264 compressions Video resolution up to Full HD (1920*1080) Support up to 120fps @ Full HD (H.264) Manual or Schedule Recording of 4 IP Cameras simultaneously 6 / 20

7 Management Features  Management Video recycle function makes the video recording in 7/24 Local display, Web-Based and management utility for easy configuration Local Map / Google E-Map interface in web and utility configuration Smart IP camera search / Motion Detection support Exports record video file to AVI format Multiple Monitor (CMS) / Advanced PTZ Control support Multiple Languages / Multi-Brand IP camera support Supports mobile phone remote view with WinCE 6.1, Android, Symbian S60, iPhone, Blackberry 4.6 Up to 16 NVR, max. 256 channels with the center management software (CV3-M256) * The full version of CMS software (CV3-M1024) can be purchased additionally to manage up to 1,024 channels by working with the NVR-420 7 / 20

8 Hardware Features  Hardware Features 2 x SATA II HDD bay (Max. 4TB) 2 x External USB Interface for Video Backup / Firmware upgrade IR Receiver for Remote Control management Digital Audio/Video Output over HDMI Component Video/ Audio Auto power-on and recording after power recovery 8 / 20

9 Auto Configuration for PLANET IP CAM  Getting started is as easy at 1-2-3 NVR-420 were designed to be installed by people just like you - not IT experts. You'll be surprised how easily and quickly your NVR with PLANET IP cameras will be up and running without any difficult. Connect the NVR & IP cameras to your existing network. Log into NVR to run the auto configuration wizard on your NVR. The NVR will auto search, detect and setup the IP cameras in real time - it's that simple! 9 / 20

10 Easy access with PLANTE DDNS  Anywhere Access To make home monitoring a truly simple experience, we created so you can access live video feed of your home or office from any Internet-connected computer anytime and anywhere. Already a planetddns user ? Log in now 10 / 20

11 Mobile Devices Remote Monitoring  Surveillance On-The-Go With the iNVR Viewer app for iPhone and Android, you can quickly and easily see and hear your camera feed from anywhere with Wi-Fi or 3G connection. No more guessing what's going on at your house while you're away. You can monitor on- the-go... even if you don't have access to a computer. Download the free iNVR Viewer app on your iPhone/iPad or Android and you're all set to watch live, playback video feeds and capture pictures to share with friends and family. 11 / 20

12 HDMI Local Display  Full HD Local Display PLANET NVR series is a device dedicated to surveillance. It offers a cost effective monitoring solution and flexibility to your security demands. HDMI 12 / 20

13 Applications  The NVR-420 can be controlled and monitored on both the local site and the Internet simultaneously. Users can also login from their mobile phones to check the monitoring screen when there is no PC available.  It provides an easy and effective way to manage your surveillance system and enhance the security of your home or office environment. 13 / 20

14 Web Management - Main View  Real-Time image of Live View 14 / 20

15 Web Management - Schedule Recording  Time Chart for Schedule Recording The Date/Time chart lets you pick any date to show the day’s recording. Using schedule, you can easily to setup recorded in different modes, labeled by color on the schedule. To find a specific time during a recording, just drag the cursor on the timeline to move left or right. 15 / 20

16 Web Management - Playback  Playback Search Through Data/Time/Event 16 / 20

17 Web Management - Local Map Monitor  Visual Event Alerts Through Local MAP Monitor Pinpoint Cameras on local map monitor feature offers you an overview of your geographical camera deployment. 17 / 20

18 Model NameNVR-420NVR-401 CPU 1.2Ghz500Mhz Memory 512MB (RAM)128MB (RAM) Capacity 2 bay (Max. 4TB)*2 bay (Max. 3TB) Max. throughput 40Mbps18Mbps Resolution Full HD/HD/Mega- Pixel/FD1/CIF/QCIF HD/Mega-Pixel/FD1/CIF/QCIF Recording Frame Rate / performance 120 fps at Full HD (1920*1080)120 fps at 1.3MP (1280x1024) Video outputHDMI, Composite- Audio outV- Power loss recoveryV- Remote ControllerV- Auto ConfigurationV*- PLANET DDNSV*- ONVIFV*- Comparison Table - Internal * Future Feature 18 / 20

19  Target Markets Home User – Easy to Setup, Easy to Use SOHO – Cost Effective CCTV System – DVR vendor System Integrator – 4+1 package kit  Target Customers Who buy our NVR / DVR NVR-40 1/ DVR-426 Who buy our CV3P CV3P-4 Who buys PLANET IP cameras Appendix Sales Target Cube Type ICA-107/107W ICA-HM100/HM100W ICA-HM101/HM101W Dome Type ICA-HM131/HM131R ICA-HM132/HM136 PT Dome Type ICA-HM220W/HM227W Box /Bullet Type ICA-HM126/HM126R ICA-HM312 * More to be supported via firmware upgrade 19 / 20

20 20 / 20

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