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ACTi Camera Applications Last updated: 2010/06/22.

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1 ACTi Camera Applications Last updated: 2010/06/22

2 Application Oriented Camera Groups PTZ Cameras Indoor PTZ ACM-8201 ACM-8211 ACM-8511 Speed Dome CAM-6510 CAM-66xx * To be released soon IR-LED Cameras Megapixel Outdoor IR NightACM/TCM-1231 Megapixel Indoor IR Night ACM/TCM-3511 ACM/TCM-1511 D1 Outdoor IR NightACM/TCM-1431 VGA Indoor IR Night ACM/TCM-3011 ACM/TCM-1011 Indoor Cameras Mini Day Vandal Proof ACM-3701 ACM-3601 Megapixel Indoor Day ACM/TCM-3401 ACM/TCM-4201 ACM/TCM-5601 Megapixel Indoor Night ACM/TCM-5611 ACM/TCM-3411 TCM-5211* D1 and VGA Indoor Day ACM/TCM-3001 ACM/TCM-4001 ACM/TCM-5001 Outdoor Cameras Megapixel Outdoor CCD Night TCM-5311 TCM-7811* Outdoor Vandal Proof ACM/TCM-7411 ACM-7511 TCM-7011

3 Megapixel Outdoor CCD Night ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits TCM-5311* City Surveillance Airport Highways Intersections Public crowded areas Railways CCD + Megapixel + DC-Iris = ideal camera for traffic monitoring The best quality in the market! TCM-7811** * Housing is required for outdoor applications ** To be released soon (Megapixel CCD IR-LED Vandal Proof IP66 Dome) Outdoor Cameras

4 Outdoor Vandal Proof ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM-7411 TCM-7411 Education Government Parking lot City Surveillance Entrance Hallway Jail Parking lot without physical security Highways Megapixel resolution for picking up details Can rotate – put on any surface. ACM-7511 CCD sensor and DC-iris handle complicated lighting conditions well Outdoor Cameras

5 Mini Day Vandal Proof ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM-3701 ACM-3601 Transportation Banking Retail Education Buildings Restaurants Industry Buses, trains ATM VIP stores Hallways Elevators Kitchens Production line monitoring Compact and discreet Vandal proof Vibration proof IP66 adds more flexibility (outdoor ATM, semi-open buses) Indoor Cameras

6 Megapixel Indoor Day ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM/TCM-4201 Banking Education Enterprise Hospital Retail Hallway Counter Office Classroom Exit Store Cafeteria Great price for a megapixel camera Three different designs available with similar performance ACM/TCM-3401 ACM/TCM-5601 Indoor Cameras

7 Megapixel Indoor Night ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM/TCM-5611 TCM-5211* Building Hospital Retail Hallway Entrance Ward Store Covers wider range of applications than daytime camera. Preferred in large scale projects even for day-only purposes. ACM/TCM-3411 Indoor Cameras * To be released soon (An enhanced version from TCM-5611, including micro SD card slot)

8 D1 and VGA Indoor Day ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM/TCM-3001 Retail Education Enterprise Home Big projects with limited budget Analog verticals Counter Hallway Classroom Office Living area Budget friendly and simple! ACM/TCM-4001 ACM/TCM-5001 Indoor Cameras

9 Megapixel Outdoor IR Night ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM/TCM-1231 All verticals Entrance Parking lot Backyard Warehouse Campus outdoors Any outdoors with stable lighting Machine Vision No need for housing Megapixel with 0 lux! Can be installed anywhere you can think of! IR-LED Cameras

10 Megapixel Indoor IR Night ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM/TCM-3511 Subway Banking Retail Subway tunnel, platform, stairs Critical locations of bank VIP Store 0-lux readiness is a protection against lighting failure or tampering ACM/TCM-1511 IR-LED Cameras

11 D1 Indoor IR Night ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM/TCM-1431 Same verticals as ACM/TCM-1231 Entrance Any application where DC-iris is more important than Megapixel resolution Good for changing or low lighting conditions (CCD + DC-iris) IR-LED Cameras

12 VGA Indoor IR Night ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM/TCM-3011 Retail Education Wholesale Low budget alternative for 3511 and 1511. Counter Hallway Warehouse Elevator 0-lux readiness is a protection against lighting failure or tampering ACM/TCM-1011 IR-LED Cameras

13 Indoor PTZ ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits ACM-8201 Banking Retail Education Airport Casino Mining Customer service area of bank Shopping mall Supermarket Customs check Poker tables Machine vision Small, professional Can do the job of many cameras Can replace speed dome in low budget indoor project ACM-8211 ACM-8511 PTZ Cameras

14 Speed Dome ModelVerticalApplicationBenefits CAM-6510 City Surveillance Education Subway Railway Airport Residential Critical road intersections Central squares Campus Train stations Airport terminals VIP home Excellent zoom! Fast PTZ control Covers a huge area Professional CAM-66xx PTZ Cameras

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