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Intercard The Right System March 6, 2012 Alberto Borrero Vice-President, Int´l Marketing & Sales Intercard Mobile: +34 649 98 13 84 Skype: aborrero

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1 Intercard The Right System March 6, 2012 Alberto Borrero Vice-President, Int´l Marketing & Sales Intercard Mobile: +34 649 98 13 84 Skype: aborrero

2 Intercard Corporate Background 1979: Intercard introduces a cash control solution in the Copy Control Market 1985: Universities in the U.S. start using Intercard Systems 1989: First to introduce a debit card system in the amusement industry 1990: First networked system 1991: Introduced the first self-service kiosk 1992: Intercard launches a wireless infrared system

3 Amusement Industry 1993: FEC management program launched 1994: Time Play created 1995: First with E-Tickets and customer tracking 1996: Redemption control solution 1997: First integrated coin hopper solution 2003: First with single database for multiple locations 2004: Launched wireless ethernet system 2005: Loyalty program launched 2006: First with online redemption counter 2007: Launched Reservation Scheduler 2008: Far ahead of the competition, Intercard revolutionizes the market with the iReader®'s interactive graphics

4 Present and Future Intercard remains the market leader with the Total Solution Package. Affordable systems for all A wide selection of readers The most secure cloud technology Most complete and thorough management reporting system in one database for multiple sites, accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere! Over 650+ installations worldwide We add new solutions consistently to maintain the leadership position in cash management and marketing systems.

5 The Intercard System We are the only supplier thinking “outside the box” with creative marketing & advertising opportunities that begin at the display reader and continue through direct mail and email contact with customers Intercard has the best Price to Value offering Standard Ethernet and Star-Topology Reliability. Our Zero Fault Tolerance System allows readers to operate even when the main server is down. Simplicity from the time of installation which is fast and efficient Single database solution. Easy system for adjusting pricing and promotions Reporting available on demand Loyalty Program Intercard's customized Loyalty Program allows customers to view earned points, rewards, and prizes at kiosks or on your website with an easy-to-use interface. Wireless - Intercard's WiFi iReaders offer multilingual displays, interactive graphics and a wireless option. Self-Service iTellers quickly and easily dispense and recharge cards. Superior customer service

6 The Right Choice over Others Most Cost Effective Solution. Multiple Location Operations with a Single Database. Superior Performance and Higher Security. Multilingual Reader, Teller, and POS Display Capabilities. Wireless Interface. Customer Retention.

7 Ease. The Key Advantage of the Intercard System over Others Easy to Install. Standard Ethernet network and reader are powered by the games. Ease with a Central Data Center completely hosted by Intercard. For customers with multiple locations, our unique system architecture enables multiple sites to be operated from one central database, resulting in a more cost effective solution and ease of operations. With the Intercard solution, one PC can control 16 million devices (games, POS terminals, Kiosks) all under that single database. Easy to Maintain. Updates and upgrades can be downloaded directly to the reader from the Internet Ease of creating impactful marketing programs on site and online

8 Ease with Off The Shelf Technology Network sourced locally. Hardware specifications available. Equipment available online. Affordable Flexibility.

9 Ease with Outstanding Reporting Real Time Information 24/7/365 Access for Multiple Locations Streamline your operation

10 Ease in Selecting Readers

11 Ease of Secure Cloud Technology Completely hosted for the client. No costly server hardware to purchase. Multiple locations under one main server. Cards good at all locations. Central reporting for all locations. System completely managed, updated, upgraded, and backed up daily.

12 Ease of Maintenance Place your machines in or out of service as required. Track all service and costs. Create preventative maintenance tasks and track via detailed logs, reports, and email notification. Print preventative maintenance list for each machine.

13 Ease of Redemption Control Benefits Continuous Real-Time Accurate Inventory Service an Unlimited Number of Customers Excellent Customer Service Easy Transactions Instant Inventory Update through Digital Packing List Eliminate Paper Tickets or Allow Customers to Bank Paper Tickets Notification when to Reorder Prizes Match Redemption Transactions to Sales in same Period Operate Multiple Locations from a Single Database Track Redemption History by Location

14 Ease of Point of Sale Advantages of iCashier Station cash management system: Sell cards,Revalue cards Sell Time Based Play cards, gate passes, food and beverages, general merchandise, gift cards Sell special packages (i.e. food and beverage and game play promotions) Accept coupons

15 Ease of Creating Marketing Programs Memberships Automatic rewards. Earned rewards. Purchased based rewards. Immediate card security. Marketing Send targeted mailings and promotions to selected customers. Member raffles.

16 Bounce-back promotions Offer incentives to draw customers back to your location. Packages linked to cards Add existing packages to cards. Images linked to card Add stored images to cards. Ease of Creating Marketing Programs New Bulk Encode Features!

17 Ease of Online Marketing Non-Registered Access Balance review. Online Registration Confirmed registered accounts. Account revalue capability. Automatic membership benefits.

18 Multiple Sites. One Server, One Database

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