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DDG 51 Bridge Team Training Simulator

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1 DDG 51 Bridge Team Training Simulator

2 WaveLore is the world’s first affordable multi-user bridge crew training simulation suite. It combines stunning presentation with high-resolution 3D content, an energy spectral density sea surface displacement, and real-time platform dynamics to provide an exceptional virtual training environment for Sea Warrior education.

3 Features Six training roles P2P Multi-team networking
High-resolution DDG CAD geometry with bridge interior GPS synched CAD geometry of Manzanillo harbor Instructor controlled contacts Energy spectrum based sea surface displacement Day and night modes Real-time ship dynamics Commercial Off-the-Shelf Technology & Modular Architecture

4 Bearing Taker/Lookout Instructor Radar Operator Navigator
Bridge Team Roles Helmsman Conning Officer Bearing Taker/Lookout Instructor Radar Operator Navigator *Roles are shown from left to right in each image

5 Conning Officer Free-roaming in pilothouse and on bridgewings Panoramic view w/ three-display setup Alongside distance verification Alidade and binocular modes

6 Helmsman Touch screen Engine and propeller pitch controls
Independent propulsor and rudder controls Swivel display for different compass and indicator arrangements Steering wheel Controls rudder angle

7 Radar Operator Tracking and identification of contacts
True north or ship’s head up modes 2, 5, 10, or 20 nautical mile range settings

8 Bearing Taker/Lookouts
Toggle from port to starboard bridge wings Collect contact bearings with Alidade Use binocular to lookout

9 Navigator NMEA Interface support provided for electronic charting and radar navigation system software Directly connected to WaveLore to provide real-time GPS positioning Vector charts

10 Instructor Customize the scenario Drag and drop contacts
Wind and sea state Day and night modes Drag and drop contacts Omniscient perspective Save and re-load scenario settings and sea state

11 Manzanillo Harbor Registered with electronic vector charts and satellite imagery Buoys Topographical features Navigation aids and lights

12 Configurable Sea-State
Real-time surface displacement Wave height and motion reacts to wind speed and direction Based on Joint North Sea Wave Project (JONSWAP) 10 Knot Wind/Sea State 2 25 Knot Wind/Sea State 5

13 Platform Dynamics Real-time physics engine
Physics and hydrodynamics based maneuvering model calculates platform motion. Platform buoyancy, lift, and drag forces Validated against real world ship performance data

14 Contacts Tugboat • DDG-51 Class Destroyer • Shenzen Destoyer • Supply Ship • Freighter • Tanker

15 Current Hardware Profile
2 PCs with Windows® OS, Intel® Core™ i7 CPU, 500 GB HDD, 4GB RAM NVIDIA ® GeForce 470 video card (Conning Officer) NVIDIA GeForce 250 video card (Instructor) 3 PCs with Windows OS, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 500 GB HDD, 4GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 200-series video card or better 4 Wide screen displays & 1 touch screen monitor 2 Xbox® 360 controllers and Logitech® G25 racing wheel Keyboards, mice, and peripherals

16 Training Demonstration
Introduction Assets Instructor Station Helmsman Radar Conning Officer Networking Demonstration

17 Customization to support your specific needs
Ukraine Japan Brazil US Coast Guard US NROTC Argentina

18 Proposed Enhancements for Localized Support
Development of geometries for selected local ships Integrate platform physics Build local port(s) Localize software

19 Integration of Your Ship(s)
Developing geometry for your specific ship(s) Integration of physics parameters and properties

20 Construction of CAD geometry for your Selected Port(s) and Surrounding Coastline
Registered with electronic vector charts and satellite imagery Buoys Topographical features Navigation aids and lights

21 Localize WaveLore Software
Language localization for: Commands and User Menu System Instruction Manual translated

22 Demonstration For a live demonstration of the WaveLore Bridge Team Training Simulation, please contact: Lily Slater Project Manager & Client Liaison Richard Moore Technical Director ANGLE Incorporated Toll-free 7406 Alban Station Ct. Phone (703) Suite A-112 Fax (703) Springfield, VA 22150

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