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HDS GEN2 (Keypad) Version 4.0 Software Update 4.0-45.2.200.

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1 HDS GEN2 (Keypad) Version 4.0 Software Update 4.0-45.2.200

2 Features © Navico Company Confidential2 This Software update will give the following features: – Support for the new Lowrance Outboard Pilot Control the autopilot from the screen of the HDS Gen2 – Navigate routes/to a waypoint/to a cursor/vessel heading – Integrated turn patterns for trolling – Support for C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 cartography Adds Detailed Marina Charts/Aerial Photography/High Resolution Satellite Imagery/Dynamic Raster Charts/and much more… For more information on C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 2015

3 Lowrance Outboard Autopilot

4 Lowrance Outboard Pilot © Navico Company Confidential4 Outboard Pilot is an HDS Autopilot add-on system designed for boats up to 30ft with single outboard motor. System packs contain everything you need to fit an Autopilot to Hydraulic or Cable steer outboard motors. Walleye/Multi species Runabout Trailer boat

5 Outboard Pilot - Product Description This product range comprises the following: NAC-1 Autopilot Computer POINT-1AP Heading and GPS sensor PUMP-1 Reversible Hydraulic Pump – OR- HELM-1 Cable steer drive unit SmartSteer TM User Interface for HDS GEN2 For more details Visit:

6 SmartSteer Interface Outboard Pilot steering modes: – Auto: Steers the boat automatically to a set heading Adjust Port/Starboard in 1 or 10 degree increments © Navico Company Confidential6

7 SmartSteer Interface Outboard Pilot steering modes: – Turn patterns: pre-set trolling patterns Sub-menu of the Auto mode © Navico Company Confidential7

8 SmartSteer Interface Outboard Pilot steering modes: – Course: Steers the boat automatically along a calculated track using heading and GPS position Adjust Port/Starboard in 1 or 10 degree increments © Navico Company Confidential8

9 SmartSteer Interface Outboard Pilot steering modes: – Nav: Steers the boat automatically along pre- defined route, to a waypoint or to cursor location Cancel navigation, restart the route, skip a point © Navico Company Confidential9

10 SmartSteer Interface Outboard Pilot steering modes: – Power steer: Manual control of the direction of the outboard motor. Virtual steering wheel Control the motor angle port/starboard © Navico Company Confidential10

11 Charting Feature Enhancements C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015

12 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 Software version 4.0 will give HDS Gen2 the following features when using Jeppesen CMAP-MAX-N+ 2015: – User selectable chart view No Contours: Shaded Relief and POIs 2D: No Shaded Relief, but full contours and POIs Raster: Traditional paper chart look Shaded Relief: Full Shaded Relief, 2D contours and POIs 12© Navico Company Confidential * All features shown in this brief are pending available data on the individual mapping cards

13 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 13© Navico Company Confidential No Contours2D RasterShaded Relief

14 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 – Photo Overlay (Shaded Relief, No Contours or Raster) Adjust transparency between the photo overlay and the underlying map 14© Navico Company Confidential Photo Overlay: Full Photo Overlay: Land Only

15 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 – Aerial Photos These photos provide a “bird’s eye” view of marinas, harbors, channel entrances and other features 15© Navico Company Confidential Aerial Photo Symbol on Chart Highlight the Photo Icon with the cursor. Press Enter then Select “Image”

16 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 – High Resolution Bathymetry (2D and Shaded Relief mode) User selection enable/disable the high resolution contour lines on the chart 16© Navico Company Confidential High Resolution Bathymetry: Off High Resolution Bathymetry : On

17 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 – User selectable depth palette displays(2D mode only) Users can pick how the C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 chart is displayed – Default = Standard C-MAP color presentation – Paper Chart = Designed to look like traditional marine charts – Safety Shading = Allows the user to input a safety depth to shade the chart blue in that area. The rest will display as white. – Depth Shading = Preset color palette displaying a gradient from shallow (lighter color) to deep (darker color) 17© Navico Company Confidential

18 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 18© Navico Company Confidential Default Depth Shading Safety Shading Paper Chart

19 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 – User defined Depth Shading (2D mode only) Advanced setting to allow users to customize their own charting colors – Set depths ranges to display as certain colors, or gradients of colors » Set the depth for the color layer » Set the transparency of the color layer Example: If you want to set shallow water to show red you will set the custom range as shown below (see next page for example) – For this method it is required to set one point at the same depth 100% opacity and one point at 0% opacity – Users can adjust these points to make different color blends – More points can be added and by adjusting the depth, color and opacity Note: There are endless combinations that can be customized with these settings, far too extensive to cover in full detail here. 19© Navico Company Confidential

20 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 20© Navico Company Confidential

21 C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 – User defined Depth Shading (2D mode only) Example 2: In this example we have set a red range up to 10ft. and a dark blue range at 30ft and greater 21© Navico Company Confidential


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