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System Suggestion ARCONA 400 ARCONA 400.

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1 System Suggestion ARCONA 400 ARCONA 400

2 System Suggestion NX2 Race Software The FDX, Fast Data eXchange, is the protocol that allows the PC to become a fully integrated NX2 instrument when connected to the NX2 Server. The NX2 Race software free of charge with all NX2 FDX Servers, so bring your PC onboard and use all capabilities that the NX2 system can offer! The NX2 Race software enables you to monitor all data in analogue or digital format, create waypoints and routes, logging all data, calibrate the transducers and system setup. You can also activate the NX2 Steer Pilot, set backlight levels on the instruments etc. In short - control the whole NX2 system. The latest NX2 Race software can also be downloaded on the web for use with Silva NX2 FDX server based systems. The NX2 Sail Performance software will not work with NMEA0183 protocol. Connect your PC direct to the NX2 FDX Server PC port that normally is operating in NMEA0183 mode. When the NX2 Race software is started, the Server will automatically switch to FDX mode to be fully integrated with the NX2 system.

3 Server: Is the brain of the NX2 system. To the Server you will connect all transducers you want information from, instruments in which you want to see the information and all other non NX2 units, e.g. a PC, you want to have in the system. The Server must be used together with the Multi Control and Remote Control. Analog Wind Shows you the wind angle. True or apparent NX2 General Every unit/instrument with the name ”NX2” can be connected to the network. You can configure the system in pretty much which way you want with up to 32 NX2 units connected to the network. The Server must be a part of the system. Steer Pilot Shows you the difference from a set reference angle. E.g. The compass course, bearing to waypoint, course to steer etc. Steer Pilot must be controlled from the Multi Control and/or the Remote Control. It can also be set from a push button. Speed Trim Presents speed changes in per cent since last trimming. Compass Presents current course. System Suggestion

4 Multi XL: Works basically as the Multi Control. The difference is that it has larger digits. Multi XL must be controlled from the Multi Control and/or the remote control. Multi Control: Is an instrument that is able to present all information (two lines of information at the same time) available in the NX2 network. This instrument can also control all the information in the Server e.g. settings and calibrations. It also has the feature to be used as a remote control for other instruments. Wind Data Digital wind display. Shows both TWA & AWA at the same time. Can also present TWS, AWS, BSP among other things. TBS can be presented if a PC is connected to the server. GPS Navigator Shows current position, SOG, COG and other satellite based information. Also has the ability to enter and edit waypoints, routes and sailplans in the instrument. Compass Data A digital compass display that shows the boats current course both in numbers and graphic. Has the ability to use BTW, CTS and wind as steer reference. Speed Presents BSP, distance, maximum BSP, average BSP and timer with countdown function. It can be a standalone instrument. System Suggestion Mast Bracket Fitting for Multi XL instruments on the mast. Carbon fibre

5 System Suggestion NX2 AUTOPILOT. NX2 Autopilot consists, for boats up to app. 45 feet, of 5 parts. For boats above app. 45 feet the integrated drive unit, HP40, will be split in to two parts; a separate ram and a separate pump. Servo unit: Connection box and brain for the autopilot system. Integrated hydraulic drive unit: The unit that affects the rudder to move when the autopilot is engaged. Will be mounted a tiller arm attached to the rudder stock or the quadrant. Rudder angle transmitter: Important to give the autopilot as accurate rudder information as possible. Compass transducer HPC: Gives the autopilot information about the actual course which will be compared to the set reference course. The compass transducer shall be connected to the network. HPC measures compass heading, roll and pitch. Instrument that can control the autopilot: From the instrument you will activate/deactivate the autopilot. This instrument can be: - NX2 Autopilot instrument LOG TRANSDUCER DEPTH TRANSDUCER GPS ANTENNA NX2 TRANSDUCERS. WIND TRANSDUCERS. COMPASS TRANSDUCERS. SERVO 52mm THF

6 Located by the nav station Instrument Location Overview ARCONA 400 ARCONA 400 Located on mast Located by companionway Located below deck

7 Q:Product name:Part no 1Multi Control incl. Server 22118-21 log transducer depth transducer 1 Compass transd.HPC 23003 1GPS antenna21970-3 1Wind transducer22511 or 22462 Q:Product name:Part no 2Multi Control22117-3 1Wind Data22117-4 1Steer Pilot22115-02 3Multi XL21680-1 1Mast Bracket69995-4 1Autopilot instr22117-7 1Linear Drive69989-12 Mast Braket Multi XL Steer Pilot Multi Control Nav stationCompanionway Wind Data Wind Analog Autopilot Servo Unit Linear Drive Suggested options Speed Trim Multi Control Product name:Part no Wind Data 22117-4 Multi Control 22117-3 Analog Wind22115-01 Speed Trim22115-03 Autopilot22117-7 Linear Drive 69989-12 Servo Unit21035-2 Compass 12535074 VHF NX200028320-1 VHF NX150028315 Compass 125 Detailed Specification Multi XL Mast Bracket ARCONA 400 ARCONA 400 Multi Control Multi Control NX2000 NX1500 Wind Data

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