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Subjects and Verbs Subject Verb Agreement (Conjugation)

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1 Subjects and Verbs Subject Verb Agreement (Conjugation)

2 What is Conjugation? Subject Verb Agreement!

3 Subject Pronouns The subject is the person/thing doing/being. singularplural I = ichwe = wir you = duyall = ihr he = erthey = sie she = sie it = es polite you = Sie (we do not have the polite form in English)

4 Infinitives An infinitive of a verb is simply an unconjuagted verb. English Examples: to go; to learn; to sing German Examples: gehen; lernen; singen In Eng. we have to take out the to before conjugating the verb in a sentence. In Ger. we take off the en.

5 What is an INFINITIVE? An Unconjugated Verb!

6 Conjugating Verbs in English In English, once we take off the to from to go we have to conjugate it to make it fit with the subject of the sentence. Sometimes that means we add nothing to it. But sometimes we do add letters or change the word. I go. You go. He goes. She goes. It goes. We go. Yall go. They go.

7 Subject-Verb Agreement In English and in German, you must be sure that the Subject and the Verb Agree. Ex. You should not say in English: I goes to the store. The correct conjugation is: I go to the store. So lets learn the endings that make German verbs Agree with the subject.

8 Conjugating German Verbs As stated before we take of the en. This gives us our stem to which we will attach our verb endings. Ex: spielen spiel (stem) ich form = add eIch spiele. (I play) du form = add stDu spielst. (You play) er/sie/es form = add tEr spielt. (He plays) Sie spielt. (She plays) Es spielt. (It plays) Note: the es form is for any noun that is a das (neuter) word. sie for die (feminine-singular) words, and er for der (masculine) words.

9 Conjugating German Verbs wir form = add enWir spielen. (We play) ihr form = add tIhr spielt. (Yall play) sie form = add en Sie spielen. (They play) Sie form = add enSie spielen. (You play) Note that this last Sie is the formal you – used for one or more adults.

10 Verb Chart Take the en off the verb, then add the ending! ich – ewir – en du – stihr – t er sie tsie (pl) – en es Sie(formal) – en

11 Your Turn! I am learning German = Ich lerne Deutsch. You are learning German Du lernst Deutsch. He is learning German = Er lernt Deutsch. We are learning German = Wir lernen Deutsch. Yall are learning German = Ihr lernt Deutsch. They are learning German= Sie lernen Deutsch. Lets conjugate the verb lernen (to learn) To one or more adults: You are learning German. = Sie lernen Deutsch.

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