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Jofofd नेपालमा स्वास्थ्य शिक्षा तथा धुमपान नियन्त्रण कार्यक्रम २०१०.

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1 Jofofd नेपालमा स्वास्थ्य शिक्षा तथा धुमपान नियन्त्रण कार्यक्रम २०१०

2 zf/Ll/s Jofofd •df+;k]zL k|f0ffnL •/St ;+rf/ •:jf:Yo ;'wf/ Aune Greggas

3 df+;k]zL k|0ffnL •df+;k]zL k|0ffnLn] tkfO{sf] z/L/sf] ;+/rgf lgdf{0f u5{, z/L/sf] ;'/Iff u5{ / zlQm k|bfg u5{. •tkfO{sf] z/L/df ePsf] @)^ j6f xf8x? 4f/f lgld{t s+sfn g} z/L/sf] ;+/rgf xf] •z/L/4f/f lgld{t rfnx?sf] pTkfbg / lgoGq0f ug]{ sfd z/L/df ePsf ^$) j6f s+sfn df;+k]zLx?n] ub{5. Aune Greggas

4 •vKk/n] lulbsf] ;''/Iff ub{5. •d]?b08 dfbn cfsf/sf xf8x?4f/f ag]sf x'G5g\. •s/·n] d'6', kmf]S;f], sn]hf], d[uf}nf / k]6sf] ;'/Iff lbG5. •k5f8L k'¶f] / uf]8fsf] x¸Ln] lx+8\8'n ug{ / kfv'/f / xftsf x¸Ln] ;fdfg ;fg]{ sfd ug{ ;lhnf] jgfpb5. Skeleton has 206 bones. s+sfn÷xf8sf] ?k/]vf

5 xf8x? •s+sfn xf8x?4f/f lgld{t x'G5. •xf8x? xn'sf t/ alnof x'G5g\.z/L/sf] hDdf tf}nsf] !$Ü SofN;Lod xf84f/f aGb5. •z/L/df hDdf ePsf] vlgh, SoflN;od / km;kmf]/;n] xf8nfO{ dha't agfpFb5. Diagram of a bone. The bones are of living material. If there is too little calcium in the food, the body begins to use the calcium in the bones.

6 xf8x? lhljt tGt' x'g\ •xf8x? lhljt tGt' x'g\. •xf8sf] a[l4 xf8sf] clGtd efudf x'g] u5{. s'g} s'g} xf8x?df h]nL h:t} g/d x8\8L–df;L x'G5. •k|To]s xf8df ljz]if k|sf/sf sf]ifLsf x'G5g\ h;nfO{ cl:6of]Anf:6;\ elgG5, h;4f/f xf8sf] agfj6 gljs/0f ub{5. If a bone breaks, it can be healed in a couple of months.

7 hf]gL{x ? •xf8x? w]/} lsl;dn] Ps cfk;df hf]8LPsf x'G5g\. •cfwf/e"t hf]gL{x? lo x'g\ M s'd, s'O{gf], xftsf] gfl/, k'¶f], 3'8f], uf]nLuf7f] / 9f8. m

8 :gfo' aGwg •:gfo' eg]sf] Tof] tGt'– hfnf] xf] h;n] df+;k]zL nfO{ xf8;Fu cyjf Pp6f df+;k]zLnfO{ csf]{ df+;k]zL;Fu afFw]]sf] x'G5. lo k|foh;f] dl;gf 8f]/L h:Tf TofGb|fsf] d'8f h:tf x'G5g\. •cf}nfx?sf] rfn klg log} :gfo"df e/kb{5, h;n] cf}nf / s'xgf]nfO{ Ps cfk;df afFw]sf] x"G5. Muscles and tendons in the hand.

9 cflrN; :gfo' aGwg •;a}eGbf d'Vo :gfo"df cflrN; :gfo' xf]. h;n] v'§fsf] k5f8L kl§sf] s's'{RrfnfO{ dfly p7fpg] sfd ub{5. •To:t} cuf8L kl§sf] cf}+nf j/Lk/Lsf] efu / s's'{Rrfsf] df+;k]zLnfO{ :gfo'åf/f hf]l8Psf] x'G5. Achilles tendon

10 lnufd]G6 -xf8x?nfO{ afFWg] 8f]/L_ •lnufd]G6 eGgfn] To:tf dl;gf TofGb|fx? x'g\ h;n] xf8nfO{ dha"t agfpg xf8sf] hf]gL{ afFlwPsf] x'G5. •ltgLx? sf]nfh]g / Ps k|sf/ tlGsg] j:t', h;nfO{ Onf:6Lg elgG5, åf/f d'7f–d'7fsf] ?kdf ag]sf] x'G5. •lnufd]G6n] cGo w]/} c+ux?nfO{ klg ;xf/f lbPsf x'G5 h:t} sn]hf], lkQy}nL / kf7]3/. Ligaments connect bones to other bones to form a joint. In the picture ligaments in the knee.

11 l:y/tf •ha dfgj z/L/ d/]/ hfG5, df+;k]zL :gfo" / lnufd]G6 s'lxP/ hfG5g\, dfq v's'nf xl¸x? / bfFtx? afFls /xG5g\. Timothy D. Whute, Pieter A. Folkens, Academic Press

12 s''/s'/] xf8 •s'/s'/] xf8 Ps lsl;dsf] /a8 h:tf] kbfy{ xf]. dfgj z/L/df ltg leGg k|sf/sf s'/s'/] xf8x? x'G5g\. •kf/bzL{ s'/s'/] xf8M o;n] xf8x?sf] ljrsf] hf]gL{df c;/ kg{ glbgsf] nflu cf8 lbg] sfd u5{. •tGt'do s'/s'/] xf8M of] Pp6f nrsbf/ xf8 xf] h'g xfjf cfbfg k|bfg x'g] c+udf k|of]u x'G5 h:t} gfs / sfg.

13 df+;k]zL •df+;k]zL eg]sf] ljz]if k|sf/sf tGt'x? x'g\ h'g z/L/sf ljleGg cu+x?df rfn lbg slxn] sl;g] / slxn] vs'nf] x'g] ub{5g\. Diagram of a muscle.

14 km\n]S;/ / PS;6]g;/ df+;k]zL •df+;k]zLx? cfkm} v'Drg ;S5g t/ cfkm}nfO{ nDJofpg ;Sb}gg\. To;sf/0fn] km\n]S;/ df+;k]zL hf]gL{df v'lDrPkl5, To;nfO{ km]/L km}nfpg jf l;wfkfg{ PS;6]g;/ df+;k]zLn] ;w} e'ldsf v]Nb5. 2006/06/muscle%20contraction.jpg Muscles can only shorten.

15 ljleGg k|sf/sf df+;k]zLx? •df+;k]zLx? ltg k|sf/sf 5g\. !_s+sfn df+;k]zL @_ lrKnf] df+;k]zL #_ d'6'sf] df+;k]zL

16 s+sfn df+;k]zL •dfgj z/L/df ^$) j6f s+sfn df+;k]zLx? x'G5g\ •s+sfn df+;k]zLx? P]lR5s df+;k]zL x'g\. •k|foh;f] s+sfn df+;k]zLx? hf]8f hf]8f ldn]/ /x]sf x'G5g\.

17 s+sfnL df+;k]zL •s+sfn df+;k]zL wsf{ wsf{ k/]sf x'G5g\. •d'6'sf] df+;k]zLdf klg wsf{ x'G5g\.

18 lrKnf] df+;k]zL •lrKnf] df+;k]zLx? P]lR5s x'G5g\. ltlgx? :jrflnt x'G5g\. •;fgf] cfGb|fdf ePsf df+;k]zL lrKnf x'G5g\. ltlgx?n] vfgfnfO{ cuf8L ws]Ng] ub{5g\. •OR5f zlQmn][ klg lrKnf] df+;k]zLnfO{ c;/ ug{ ;Sb}g t/ dfgl;s tgfjn] lolgx?sf] sfdnfO{ ;':t agfpg ;S5. •Soflkmgn] cfGb|sf] df+;k]zLsf] sfo{nfO{ ljkl/t c;/ b]vfpg ;Sb5.

19 d'6'sf] df+;k]zL •d'6'sf] df+;k]zLdf To:tf df+;k]zLsf sf]lifsfx? x'G5g\ h;n] gzfsf sf]lifsfn] h:t} df+;k]zL v'lDrPsf] / sf]lifsf :yfGt/0f ePsf] ;+s]t ub{5. •d'6'sf] df+;k]zL P]lR5s df+;k]zL xf]Og. Heart

20 zlQm pTkfbg •df+;k]zL tGsfpgsf] lglDt cfjZos zlQm lgDg t/Lsf4f/f k|fKt ug{ ;lsG5. •cf/f]ljs cfn]S6]6 zlQm pTkfbg •cf/f]ljs nfS6]6 zlQm pTkfbg •cf/f]ljs zlQm pTkfbg

21 jfo'/lxt PnfS6]6\ •jfo'/lxt PnfS6]6 zlQm pTkfbg k|s[ofdf z/L/sf] P8]gf]l;g lq–kmf];km]6 gfdsf] kbfy{ k|of]u x'G5, h'g kbfy{ df+;k]zLsf sf]ifx?df hDdf x'g] ub{5g\. •lt kbfy{x?åf/f dfqf, z/L/n] nfdf] ;do;Dd sfd ug{ k|;:t x'b}gg\. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

22 jfo'/lxt NofS6]6\ •jfo'/lxt NofS6]6\ zlQm pTkfbg ug]{ k|s[ofdf P8]gf]l;g lq–kmf];km]6 gfdsf] kbfy{, sfjf]{xfO8«]6, lUnsf]lhg cyjf Unf]sf]h4f/f pTkfbg x'G5. o;n] z/L/df b'Uw cDn 5f]8\g] ePsf]n] o;sf] sf/0fn] z/L/ yfSg] / b'Vg] klg ub{5. Glycogen can storage as many as 30.000 glucose units for energy production in the body.

23 P/f]ljs •P/f]ljs zlQm k|s[ofdf, P8]gf]l;g lq= kmf];km]6 gfdsf] kbfy{, sfjf]{xfO8«]6, lrNnf] / k|f]l6gsf] sf/0fn], clS;hgsf] ;xfotfn pTkfbg x'G5. •of] tj;Dd nuftf/ /lx/xG5 hj;Dd zlQm ;+lrt x'G5 / clS;hg klg /xG5. h] ePtf klg o;sf] pTkfbg Ifdtf rflx l;ldt x'G5.

24 P/f]ljs Jofofd •P/f]ljs Jofofdn] /Qm ;+rf/ / sd /QmrfknfO{ ;'wf5{. •o:tf] Jofofdn] d'6'nfO{ dha"t agfpg ;xof]u ub{5.d'6'df al9 /ut cfbfg k|bfg x'gfn] x'bo3ft x'g] vt/f sd x'G5. o;n] /ftf] /Qm sf]lifsfsf] dfq a9fpFb5. Aerobic exercises: - Walking - Hiking - Running - Cycling - Swimming - Playing tennis

25 /Qm ;+rf/ •k|To]s z/L/sf ^)) ljlnog sf]lifsfx?sf] lglDt clS;hg cfjZos kb{5. ltlgx?n] clS;hg /utdfkm{t k|fKt ub{5g\. •/ut nuftf/ z/L/df /Qm glnx?4f/f ;+rf/ eO{/xG5g\. 5Q&feature=player_detailpage You can look at the video of blood circulation in YouTube by MingMingchen ?v=ABTvNR59K5Q&NR=1 ?v=ABTvNR59K5Q&NR=1

26 /QmgnLx? •/QmgnLx? crDd k|sf/n] t/ qmda4 /x]sf 9'+u|f]x? x'g\. logLx?sf] Psfkl§5]pdf 7"nf gzf / cf6{/Lsf] ;fydf d'6' hf]l8Psf] x'G5 eg] csf]{kl§ 5]pdf ;–;fgf Soflkn/L /QmgnLx? x'G5g\.

27 d'6' •d'6' Ps zlQmzfnL kDk xf]. of] df+zk];Ln] ag]sf] x'G5. •o;sf b'O{ kf6fx? x'G5g\. o;sf] bfFof kf6f] sdhf]/ x'G5 eg] jfFof kf6f] dha't x'G5. •lo b'j} efudf b'O{j6f y}nLx? x'G5g\,h;nfO{ d]lG6«sn / cfl6{sn elgG5. Heart

28 kNdf]g/L cyf{t wdgL ;+rf/ •/Qm;+rfng k|0ffnLdf b'O{ efu x'G5g\. ;fgf] lsl;dsf] /Qm ;+rfngnfO{ kNdf]g/L /Qm ;+rfng elgG5. •lgnf] /ªsf] /Qmgln h;n] z/L/sf ljleGg efuaf6 cfPsf] /utnfO{ bfofF e]lG6«sn / jfofF cl6«od x'b} kNdf]g/L cf6«Lhdf k7fpF5.

29 jfo'sf] kl/jt{g •kNdf]g/L cflb|hn] /utnfO{ kmf]S;f]df k7fpF5. hxfF /ftf /Qmsf]ifn] sfj{G8fOcS;fO{8 jfo" aflx/ km\ofS5 / clS;hg lng] sfd ub{5. •sfj{G8fOcS;fO{8 UofF;, z/L/n] zlQm vkt ubf{ pTkflbt UofF; xf]. •sfj{G8fOcS;fO{8 ePsf] /ut lgnf] /+usf] x'G5. •ha /utaf6 sfj{G8fOcS;fO{8 lgSnG5 / clS;hg ldl;G5, /utsf] /+u /ftf] x'G5.

30 qmlds /Qm ;+rfng •7"nf] dfqfdf x'g] /Qm ;+rfng g} qmlds /Qm ;+rfng xf]. •o; k2lt cg';f/ 7"nf] dfqfdf clS;hg ePsf] /ut, kmf]S;f]faf6 jfofF d]lG6«sn clg jfofF cfl6«od x'b}, 7"nf] /Qm k|jfxn] Pcf]6{ clg 7"nf] cfl6«{haf6 d'6'df, dl:tisdf, cfGb|fx?df xft v'§fx?df, x/Ps df+;k]zL / cGtdf ;a} eGbf k/ Soflkn/Lx?df k'Ug] sfd x'G5.

31 d'6'sf] rfn -gf8L_ •d'6' Ps ldg]6df ^)–&) k6s ;Dd w8\sG5 h;nfO{ d'6'sf] rfn elgG5. •cf};tdf, z/L/sf] k|To]s /QmgnLx?df /ut ;+rfng x'gsf] lglDt () ;]s]G8 eGbf sd ;do nfUb5. •d'6'sf] rfn /f]lsPdf, ;j{k|yd dl:tissf To;kl5 z/L/sf cGo efusf sf]lifsf dg{ yfNb5g\. •s]lx ldg]6 k5f8L g} To:tf] dflg;nfO{ km]/L klxnfs} cjZyfdf Nofpg ;+efj x'b}g.

32 /ut •/ut Ps lsl;dsf] t/n kbfy{ xf] h'g z/L/df ;+rfng x'G5. •o;df ljleGg k|sf/sf /Qm sf]lifsx? x'G5g\ M •/ftf] /Qm sf]if •;]tf] /Qm sf]if •Kn]6n]6\; There are three different types of cells in the blood: red cells, white cells and platelets.

33 /Qm sf]ifx? •/ftf] /Qm sf]ifx? clS;hg / sfj{g8fOcS;fO8 af]Sg] el/ofx? x'g\. o;leq kmnfdsf] dfqf klg x'G5. •;]tf] /Qm sf]lifsfx? Tolt a]nf dxTjk"0f{ e'ldsf v]Nb5g\. h'ga]nf z/L/df ;+s/d0f eO{ z/L/n] ;+3if{ ug'{ k/]sf] x'G5. •Kn]6n]6\;n] /ut aUg /f]Sg] sfd ub{5. /wiki/Red_blood_cell wiki/Platelet Red blood cell, platelet and white blood cell. Red blood cells.

34 /Qm ;d'x •hDdf rf/ k|sf/sf /ut x'G5g\. h'g ए, बि, एबि, ओ x'g\. lo k|To]s ls t 3gfTds (+) x'G5g\ jf C0ffTds (-) x'G5g\. kf]lhl6e jf g]u]l6e.

35 :jf:Yo ;'wf/ •zfl/l/s sfd / zf/Ll/s tflndn] z/L/nfO{ /fd|f] cj:yfdf /fVg ;xof]u ub{5. •zfl//Ls Jofofd / sd lrNnf] kbfy{ ePsf] vfgfn] /Qm glnx? v'Nnf /fVg ;xof]u ldN5. •;fsfxf/L vfgf, ;fydf k|;:t kmnkm'n, abfd, /];fbf/ u]8fu'8Ln] /fd|f] :jf:Yo jgfpg ;xof]u ub{5. Aune Greggas

36 d[To'sf d'Vo sf/0fx? •klZrd]nL ljZjdf w]/}h;f] eO{/fVg] d[To'sf sf/0fx?df d'6' / /QmgnLsf /f]ux? x'g\. •df]6f]kg, lrgL/f]u / w'd|kfgn] o:tf /f]usf] ;+efjgf a9fpFb5. •w'd|kfg ug]{ o"jf ju{df x[bo3ftaf6 d[To' x'g]sf] ;Defjgf, w'd|kfg gug]{ o"jfsf] eGbf ltg u'0ffn] al9 x'G5. -olb nuftf/ w'd|kfg u/L /fVof] eg]_ Mortality rate by a heart disease seen according to the age smoking started. Less than 15 years old 15 - 20 years Over 20 years Non smoker Hideo Ichiki

37 w'd|kfg / /Qm ;+rfng •tDafs'df ePsf] lgsf]6Lgn] cf6{/Lh Soflkn/L cf6{/LhnfO{ cfqmd0f ub{5. •w'd|kfgn] /Qm glnx?sf] leQfdf lrNnf] kbfy{ lgdf{0f ug]{ / df]6f]kg a9fpg] ub{5. Effect of the tobacco smoking to the temperature of the hand (red warmest, yellow middle, blue coldest; smoker to the left, nonsmoker to the right). Hideo Ichiki

38 g]s|f]l;;–w'd|kfgsf] k|ltkmn •/Qmglnx?df jf];f] / lrNnf]kbfy{sf] lgdf{0f / cf6{/Lhx? v'lDrgfn] z/L/sf cln kNnf] c+u h:t} xft / v'§fdf /Qm ;~rfng k'Ug ;Sb}g, kl/0ffd :j?k To:tf c+ux?df g]s|f]l;;x'g] ;Defjgf jl9 x'G5. Hideo Ichiki Most of the amputations done because of the weak blood circulation in the feet are made to smokers.

39 5fnf rfp/Lg' •cg'xf/sf] 5fnfsf]lifsfx?df /Qm ;~rfng sd x'g] ub{5. •w'd|kfg gug]{ dfG5]sf] t'ngfdf w'd|kfg ug]{ dflg; jl9 j'9f] b]lvG5 lsg eg] w'd|kfg ug]{ dflg;sf] cg'xf/df j9L rfp/L k/]sf] x'G5. These are 42 year old twíns? Which is a smoker and which do not smoke? Hideo Ichiki

40 /Qmglnx?df kl/j{tg •w'd|kfg u/]sf] nIf0f /QmgnLx?df t'?Gt b]lvG5. •w'd|kfg ug]{dflg;sf] /QmgnLx?df l56} lrNnf] kbfy{ hDdf ub{5g\. h;sf] sf/0fn] ltgLx? :jf:Yo b]lvb}gg\. These veins belong to persons who died in a car accident. The 32 old was a smoker, the 34 old was a nonsmoker.

41 pRr /Qmrfk •lrNnf] kbfy{ hDdf x'gfn], Soflkn/L cf6{/Lh lylrG5 / kl/0ffd :j?k /Qmrfk j9\g hfG5. •hlt pRr /Qmrfk x'G5 z/L/n] /ut lng Tolt g} jl9 zlQm cfjZos kb{5. •Soflkmg / g'gn] klg /Qmrfk j9fpFb5. •pRr /Qmrfk cfkm}df vt/gfs x'G5 o;n] x[bo3ft tyf dl:tis3ft j9fpF5.

42 pRr /Qmrfksf] jlu{s/0f ;d"xl;:6f]lns mmhg 8fOof:6f]lns mmhg xfOkf]6]g;g\ < ९० < ६० gd{n ९० - १२० र ६० - ८० lk|– xfOk{6]g;g\ २१२ - १३९वा८१ - ८९ tx ! xfOk{6]g;g\ १४० - १५९वा ९० - ९९ tx @ xfOk{6]g;g\ ≥ १६०वा ≥ १००

43 Jofofd •Jofofd eg]s} :jf:Yo ;'wf/ xf]. •Jofofd u/L/x]sf] cj:yfdf /Qmrfk pRr ePdf klg Jofdsf] cGtdf, Jofod gu/]sf] j]nfdf h:t} /Qmrfk sd x'G5. Aune Greggas

44 lsg w'd|kfg ug]{ JolQm eGbf gug]{ JolQmsf] z/L/ :j:Yo x'G5 < •cfkm"nfO{ tGb'?:t kfpgsf] lglDt tkfO{sf] kmf]S;f] / d'6'df clS;;g ePsf] /ut k'Ug' kb{5. ha tkfO{ tDjfs' ;]jg ug'{ x'G5, tkfOn] sfj{gdf]gf]cS;fO{8 tkfOsf] z/L/df kl/lrt u/fpg' x'G5. o;sf] sf/0fn] tkfO{sf] ef}lts z/L/df clS;hgsf] sld x'G5, h;n] ubf{ /fd|f] v]n v]Ngdfq cK7\of/f] xf]Og t/ lx8 8'n ug{ / e¥of· r9\g klg ufx|f] x'G5.

45 w'd|kfgstf{ / lau|bf] :jf:Yo •;fwf/0f tyf cw{ Jo:s JolQmsf] zf/L/Ls :jf:Yodf lu/fj6 cfpg' / kmf]S;f]sf] s[ofsnfkdf sld cfpg'sf] cWoogdf, w'd|kfg ug]{ JolQm eGbf w'd|kfg gug]{ JolQmsf] :jf:Yo / pgLx?sf] s[ofsnfkdf pd]/s} sf/0fn] km/s b]lvb}g\. •hDdf hlDd cWoogdf #$& hgf w'd|kfg ug]{ dflg;sf] eGbf &(! w'd|kfg gug]{ JolQmx?sf] zf/L/Ls tGb'?:tL df lu/fj6 cfPsf] kfOof]. •(1349/kg V 1618) h'g rfxL k|yd PS;kfO/]6f]/L en'd (3341m/v 3638ml)

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56 ८० मिटर दौडनलाई अभ्यास तपाईंको दौडको तालिम पात्रो कस्तो देखिन्छ ? तपाईंको नाडीको गती कस्तो छ ?

57 • क्रीयाशिल जीवनले तपाईंलाई अझ खुसी र स्वाथकर जीवन प्रदान गर्छ । तपाईंको स्वाथ्यलाई सुर्ती जन्य पदार्थ वा लागु पदार्थको कारणले बर्बाद नगर्नुहोस् । तपाईंले आफ्नो जीवनको बारेमा आँफै निर्णय गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ ।

58 We thank • State of Finland • ETRA–liitto ry, Finland, Aune Greggas • Scheer Memorial Hospital, Banepa, Kavre, Sundar Thapa, Pratigya Ranjit, HETIP team • Wikipedia, Wikimedia, Red Cross (Finland), Cleveland Clinic, SCOI (Southern California Orthopedic Institute), UCL (London Global University), American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons,, Hideo Ichiki, MingMingchen, Federal State and Territory Health Initiative, Australia (videos), T.D. Whute, P. A. Folkens (studies)

Download ppt "Jofofd नेपालमा स्वास्थ्य शिक्षा तथा धुमपान नियन्त्रण कार्यक्रम २०१०."

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